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19 Sep.,2022


65 Inch Smart Board


Fully refurbished Interactive whiteboard SB660 system with Epson 475W Ultra short throw projector. Turn any room into a true multimedia environment. Learning, playing, entertainment and collaboration. The purpose and use is up to you. Ultra-short-throw means you get larger-than-life images from a very short distance. You can also set it up with any of the streaming services such as Netflix, HULU, Amazon, Disney etc. for the time you need some entertainment. These items retailed for over $7500.00, get them now at a fraction of the cost. What’s included with this purchase: - 1 Smart Board SB660 Series with mounting hardware; - 1 Tray for the Smart board - 1 USB cable for connectivity to the smart board - 1 Projector (Epson ) - 1 Power cord for the projector - 1 HDMI cable - 1 Projector mount - 4 Pens and 1 eraser for the Smart board - 1 Remote control for the projector and quick start guide. The Epson Short Throw 3LCD projector signals a new era in collaborative learning. It's the perfect ultra-short-throw projector for today's BYOD classroom. With brilliant widescreen resolution, this WXGA projector makes it easy to share larger-than-life lessons and control the projector remotely. Epson 3LCD projectors ensure bright, vivid lessons. The SMART Board 660 series interactive whiteboard Intuitive design and finger-touch controls make it easy for educators to turn lessons into learning experiences. Dimensions. Contact with the interactive whiteboard is converted into mouse clicks or electronic ink. You can use your finger as a mouse or write notes on the durable, low-reflective surface. You can now deliver content to your audience through a large dynamic surface that you control. Students and professionals are able to interact with elements on screen. Onscreen collaboration for visual and kinesthetic learners. Write over the top of any computer application, write and edit notes, and save everything in a single file.