Affordable Sectional Sofas & Couches

14 Oct.,2022


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Customize your living room with your choice of 4 or 5 piece sectional sofas and add on sectional couches and chairs. Chic, comfortable and available in a variety of fabrics and styles, sectionals adapt to your space for endless entertaining and lounging.

How do you measure for a sectional sofa?

In measuring for a sectional sofa, start by getting the dimensions of your room - be sure to include any doorways the sofa will need to pass through. Next, using tape or string, mark the footprint of your ideal sofa, exactly where you'd like to place it. Make sure you can comfortably walk between the sofa-to-be and other pieces of furniture. Lastly, measure your outline, noting the overall width, length and depth, as well as the dimensions of any chaise or ottomans. Now the fun part: shop for a sectional or modular sofa that most closely fits those measurements. Our popular Emmett Modular collection is a perfect place to start!

How do you arrange cushions on a sectional sofa?

Ideas and strategies for arranging cushions and throw pillows on sectional sofas abound, and you can see what our experts have to say for inspirational ideas. A classic style is piling a trio of pillows in different shapes and sizes in each corner of your sectional. Or, if you have a smaller modular sofa, arrange a host of pillows so they're slightly overlapping along the whole length of your couch for an ultra-plush effect. Try choosing a neutral hue that complements your sofa for a few of the pillows and then a pop of color or a print that makes you smile for the rest. Also shop for cushions or pillows with different textures, like faux fur and crushed velvet! Most importantly, go with your gut to develop a look that's totally comfy and totally you.

What is the difference between a sectional and modular sofa?

The difference between a sectional sofa and a modular sofa is subtle, but it helps to know the terms when shopping for new furniture. Both sectionals and modular sofas are made up of different pieces that connect together. Modular seating collections usually have more individual pieces, typically the size of chairs – for example, you could combine two armless chairs with two end chairs to create a four-person sofa, or you can add a corner chair in the middle to create a five-person wrap-around sofa. Sectional sofas, on the other hand, are frequently a couch unit attached to a chaise unit, or two couch units that attach at a corner, or possibly even multiple couch units with a chaise. Both sectional and modular collections allow you to personalize your seating to suit your space, but modular furniture allows you the most flexibility.

How do you float a sectional sofa?

"Floating a sofa" is designer-speak for arranging your sofa away from your walls. Creating a sense of a room within a room, floating your sectional sofa imbues your space with a welcoming, lounge-like vibe. It also facilitates the flow of traffic around the seating area and an ambience of intimacy within it. To float your sectional sofa, consider arranging your sectional so that one portion is facing a window. Or, for a bold seating arrangement, place your wrap-around sectional with one sofa facing a doorway (just be sure to allow three feet between the doorway and the sofa, so people can move freely). For a simpler arrangement, place your sectional with its back against a wall and its chaise reaching out into the living space. Just remember to balance your elements – arrange chairs and other large pieces opposite the floating chaise or sofa to create a sense of symmetry. Most importantly, partner your floating sectional or modular sofa with the right rug to create a dramatic and unifying look - check out our tips on choosing the right rug.