Wire Mesh Applications

17 Sep.,2022


stainless steel coffee filter

Locker Woven Wire Mesh Applications

Woven wire mesh has a seemingly infinite range of applications. In the domestic environment it is used in many applications for example; tea strainers, flour sieves, coffee filters, fireguards and fly screens.

It is incorporated into many domestic appliances, in filters for motor cars, and is used in the manufacturing processes for floor coverings, chipboard, hardboard and other building materials.

In the industrial environment it has countless applications. As a precision woven product the ability to maintain accuracy of aperture size offers enormous scope for the use of wire mesh as a filtration and screening medium for a variety of particle/fluid/gas separation cleaning and sizing applications.

Wire mesh has wide ranging characteristics, and dependant on the configuration of wire thickness in relation to aperture size, can vary in texture from being as fine, soft and flexible as silk to being as rigid and durable as steel plate. Many of the properties of wire mesh are not available using alternative metal media (such as expanded and perforated metals) or synthetic meshes.

Wire mesh offers many benefits including:

  widest range of filtration, from over 6 inch aperture down to 1 micron nominal
  high open area/flow rate
  closely controlled, accurate apertures
  smooth surface; screening surface has no sharp edges, burrs or acute angles
  very high temperature tolerance (variable according to metal selected)
  usable under high pressure
  flexible - ideal for forming rigid concave/convex shapes
  control of chemical/acid/corrosion resistance using different metals
  special aperture requirements can be met without high tooling costs
  high durability
  self supporting
  suitable as support for less rigid media
  stable under tension
  weaving process uses no punching or piercing operations that create stress induced weaknesses
  point contact only on screened product allows freer screening and reduced blinding

In addition to applications in filtration and separation equipment, woven wire mesh is widely used for: