TECCO® System

02 Nov.,2022


tecco mesh

TECCO®: Your slope made stable

Safety, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability: These are the qualities that have made the several million square meters of the TECCO® installed to date an unparalleled global success story. TECCO® mesh, featuring 2 mm, 3 mm or 4 mm wire made from high-tensile steel, can be used to stabilize virtually any kind of slope, whether it consists of rock or loose soil. Coupled with either of three different sized spike plates, the TECCO® offers an attractive nail grid and, therefore, maximum efficiency during installation.


High-tensile steel wire

One wire has a tensile strength of more than 1770 N/mm² limiting elongation and keeping the mesh highly pre-tensioned, providing reliable stability for the slope and minimizing deformations.

Rhomboid mesh wire structure

Our unique mesh shape transfers forces to the nails very efficiently, preventing deformation within the system. The mesh provides the best possible stability for the geological conditions present on your site and can be tightly secured even on irregular terrain.

Knotted ends

These ensure that maximum stability is retained right up to the border edges, removing the need for overlap and allowing the mesh and netting to be unrolled easily and independently.

Harmonized system

Each system element is designed to work in perfect harmony with the others, ensuring that the system transfers forces efficiently. Our RUVOLUM® dimensioning software is used to optimize the interactions within the system.

Corrosion protection

The corrosion protection of our systems will last for generations. So that our customers will benefit from low maintenance costs. For particularly demanding environments we offer out products in stainless steel. 


The high-tensile steel wire's outstanding strength-to-weight ratio makes transport and installation easier. Unstable slopes are given long-term stability with minimal visual impact.

Smaller mesh width for soil

TECCO® G45/2 with a smaller opening size and 2 mm wire diameter is unobtrusive and stabilizes slopes with very fine loose soil. All parameters are harmonized to the P25 spike plate and the other components of TECCO® the product family.

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