SNS flexible rockfall protection netting Factory China

02 Nov.,2022


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Product Details

Product Description:


Rockfall Netting is wire mesh netting which is used to prevent rocks from falling onto the road, railways and other structures. It is woven by low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire or galfan wire with the surface of galvanized, PVC coated or galvanized plus PVC coated. Due to the unravelling character of double twist, the mesh can withstand huge forces and will not unravel even if a wire is broken. Rockfall protection netting with a PVC coating can be used in aggressive environments, galvanized or galfan rockfall netting is the most popular.


Rockfall netting can be divided into proactive rockfall netting and passive rockfall netting, rockfall netting installed on half of mountain or mountain foot to prevent rocks falling on road or hurting people is called passive rockfall netting. 

Features of rockfall netting


Resistant to corrosion, rust, oxidation and damage.

Stable structure, smooth surface, uniform mesh size, high tensile strength.

Allow vegetation regrowth.

Flexible in all direction and would not spread when it is broke.

Easy to transport and install.

Galvanized mesh and PVC coated mesh have longer life, low cost.


Applications of rockfall netting


Prevent rocks and debris from falling onto roads and railways.

Prevent landslides.

Protection of infrastructure beneath slopes.