Exploring Does Galvanized Wire Mesh Rust?

18 Mar.,2023


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Whether you’re building a new building or repairing an existing highway, you want to guarantee your customers structures will stand the test of time. You want to provide a finished project that is not only durable, but also able to age well visually. When those are the goals you have in mind for any construction, hot-dipped galvanized materials are today’s most popular choice.

One galvanized material we are asked about often is hot-dipped galvanized wire mesh. So, we’re tackling all your most common questions in one place. From the basics about what projects wire mesh is used for to concerns about its longevity, we cover it all.

What is Galvanized Wire Mesh Used For?

Hot-dipped galvanized wire mesh or hot-dip galvanized welded wire mats are used for similar purposes as galvanized rebar rods. It acts as a strengthening and stabilizing skeleton within a concrete structure. It can also be used for external purposes such as wire fencing, especially in the agricultural space. 

In both construction projects and agricultural environments, it is a popular choice because of its resistance to rust and its durability. Galvanized wire mesh, like other galvanized materials, has self-healing properties because of the zinc coating. This means that minor scratches to the surface do not compromise the integrity of the material. 

Its ability to withstand small surface scratches and still heal is what makes galvanized wire mesh a great choice for all types of construction projects exposed to natural elements that could cause small scratches or corrosion to happen over time. This ability to handle minor wear and tear well also makes it a safer investment for construction projects, as there will be no time or money lost.

When is Galvanized Wire Mesh a Good Choice, and Why?

As is clear from the above, this wire mesh is a versatile building material. Unlike regular wire mats, it can withstand extreme elements while maintaining its strength and its silver appearance. Those are the main reasons it works for projects exposed to harsh environments, but let’s look closer at why it is such a popular option for use within other materials.

Within concrete, galvanized wire mesh does more than form and support the structure. It actually strengthens it! This is because the zinc coating forms a chemical bond with the concrete around it. Zinc molecules enter the concrete, strengthening not only the bond between the wire and the concrete, but also strengthening the concrete itself. 

Additionally, galvanized wire mats can be used with other galvanized materials such as galvanized rebar rods, making for a complete galvanized structure.

Does Galvanized Wire Mesh Rust?

The biggest reason to use galvanized wire mesh instead of regular mesh is because it does not rust. The self-healing properties we mentioned earlier mean that the mesh literally protects itself from corrosion.

When the zinc coating comes into contact with water, it reacts by building up extra protection for itself. This protection increases its rust and corrosion resistance. This positive chain reaction also means that a scratch in one area does not become the beginning of an entire section of mesh being compromised. Because the damage is stopped before it starts, the structure remains intact and not affected by the small amount of water that may touch the scratched area.

This positive chain reaction occurs whether the mesh is within concrete or standing on its own. It is the zinc itself that creates this reaction, not the bond to the concrete. So, even exposed galvanized rebar or mesh would benefit from the same reaction. That’s something that regular or epoxy-coated rebar and mesh can’t do.

How is Galvanized Wire Mesh Sold?

Galvanized wire mesh can be bought both in rolls and in sheets, or mats. There are various sizes, which describe how large the squares forming the mat are. Which style of mesh and which size is best for you will depend on the nature of your project.

South Atlantic Has the Galvanized Materials You Need, In Every Size for Every Budget

We at South Atlantic sell galvanized wire mesh in various sizes, along with galvanized rebar rods and other galvanized materials. Our sales teams have years of experience working with builders and project managers and can help you order the exact combination of materials you need for your build or project. You can learn more about our galvanized wire mesh and rebar here.

Are There Examples of Galvanized Wire Mesh in Action?

Yes, in fact, galvanized wire mesh is part of one of the most recognizable structures in the world: The Sydney Opera House. The International Zinc Association shares this about the construction of the Opera House on their website.

“The sails of the Opera House are made of 2194 pre-cast rib segments, some weighing up to 15 tons each. Galvanized mesh was exclusively used in the manufacture of these precast segments to provide long-term corrosion protection and to minimize the risk of cracking and rust staining of the gleaming white ceramic cladding tiles.

After nearly 40 years exposure to salt spray and high humidity, the sail panels have shown no signs of deterioration though other concrete elements in this massive structure which were black steel reinforced have needed significant rehabilitation.”

The Sydney Opera House is one powerful example of a project that chose galvanized wire mesh to protect both the integrity and the aesthetics of the end result. When the right materials are used from the beginning, the investment continues to prove its worth with every passing year.

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Whether you are building a structure meant to inspire future generations or simply looking for a durable building material for your next project, galvanized wire mesh is a great option. If you have more questions about this material or need help deciding which size and type are right for your project, you can reach out to our team through our contact form here: southatlanticllc.com/galvanized-steel/contact.

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