Structural Characteristics Of Rubber-lined Slurry Pump

16 Jan.,2023


AHR slurry pump, corrosion-resistant slurry pump, generally means that the lining of the slurry pump is made of rubber. From the lining material of the slurry pump, it can be divided into rubber lining and metal lining (high chromium). The rubber pump is that the inner lining of the slurry pump is made of natural rubber.

The lining of the slurry pump is generally divided into two types, wear-resistant metal and wear-resistant rubber. Rubber lining and metal lining are very different in characteristics. Rubber lining is generally better than metal lining (high chromium) in corrosion resistance, but the abrasion resistance is not very good. The metal high chromium alloy lining generally has good wear resistance. Therefore, when choosing a slurry pump, the lining material must be selected according to the customer's industrial and mining conditions and the composition of the slurry to be transported.

Generally, for the alloys of nickel, molybdenum and other minerals that are not very abrasive, you can choose a slurry pump lined with rubber; for slurries with relatively strong abrasive properties such as iron ore, gold ore, etc., choose a metal-lined slurry pump.

Rubber-lined slurry pump structure: AHR-type rubber-lined slurry pump is a cantilever, horizontal double-shell axial suction centrifugal slurry pump. The position of the outlet of the pump can be installed and used at an interval of 45°C and rotated at eight different angles as required.

Rubber-lined slurry pump material: The pump body of the AHR-type rubber-lined slurry pump has a replaceable rubber lining, and the impeller, guard plate, front and rear sheaths are all made of wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant rubber.

The use of rubber-lined slurry pump: AHR rubber pump is suitable for conveying small particle size, no sharp particles and high-concentration slurry, and it can also transport corrosive slurry.

Sealing form of rubber-lined slurry pump: packing seal, auxiliary impeller seal, packing plus auxiliary impeller seal, mechanical seal, etc.

The drive type of the rubber slurry pump: DC direct drive, CR parallel belt drive, ZVZ upper and lower belt drive, CV vertical belt drive, etc.