Difference Between Aluminum Extrusion and Casting

28 Nov.,2022


Cast Aluminium Gate

Cast aluminum is generally made with a lot of pot metal which would be a mixture of different grades of aluminum that are not going to be properly sorted or separated, the cast aluminum is generally used in lower grade applications. Extruded aluminum is very strong and can be used for handling high-load applications. Extruded aluminum is popular in electronics, telecommunications, automotive, solar energy, and more industries. Then what’s the difference between cast aluminum and extruded aluminum?

1. Aluminum extrusion can only create shapes with a consistent cross-section, while aluminum casting can produce a variety of complex and intricate parts, it is commonly used to manufacture large products. 

2. Extruded aluminum usually has a very smooth surface finish, while cast aluminum often gets a rough surface and requires secondary machining or processing.  

3. The size of aluminum extrusions is limited by the size of the aluminum billet, aluminum castings are available in a wider range of dimensions. 

4. Extruded aluminum products are generally stronger than cast parts. A casting may contain some porosity or other defects. 

5. Aluminum casting is a more pricey fabrication process than extrusion due to the high initial costs. Additionally, the mods used in aluminum casting is more time-consuming and expensive than extrusion dies. 

6. Aluminum casting is more suitable for a long production run and aluminum extrusion is more ideal for a short production run.