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06 Mar.,2023


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Feb. 2nd 2022

MECHANICAL & BOILER ROOM GAS DETECTION By Brant Kasbohm Mechanical systems, including utility plants, boilers, and chillers, are the engines that drive HVAC systems. Many states are adopting laws requiring gas detection and monitoring to warn of potentially hazardous leaks and dangerous exhaust fumes. Why install a Gas Detection System in a boiler room? Anyone near a boiler is potentially exposed to harmful gases. Proper ventilation of exhaust gases can mitigate hazardous... Read More

Air Quality: Questions & Solutions

Feb. 17th 2021

Air Quality: Questions & Solutions By Brant Kasbohm Poor IAQ can cause a plethora of short-term effects, including: irritation of eyes, ears, nose and throat, fatigue, dizziness, exacerbation of conditions such as allergies, and increased absenteeism. Measuring and controlling IAQ is not only important for a building occupant’s comfort, it also has the potential to mitigate spread of bacteria and viruses. While there is no global standard for IAQ at this time, several countries... Read More

Taking the Guesswork Out of Your Gas Applications

Apr. 27th 2020

Taking the Guesswork Out of Your Gas Applications By Mike Bollant, Senior National Sales Engineer ACI offers a full line of Toxic and Combustible Gas Detection Transmitters for a variety of building applications. These sensors are a key component to managing indoor air quality (IAQ) and occupant safety.Our customers have installed these sensors in a wide variety of applications, including: Parking Garages Semi-Truck Repair Facilities Hospitals Schools Offices Airplane Hangars Data Center... Read More

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