Quadcopter Propellor Torque and Thrust Testing

27 Oct.,2022


Drone Motor Test Stand


    Quadcopters and professional and amateur drones are becoming increasingly popular on the market. By definition, a quadcopter uses its four propellers to generate lift and change direction. The propellers are designed to work in conjunction with each other to avoid any torque imbalance that could make the vehicle uncontrollable.

  1. In order to characterize the thrust and torque generated by each motor and propeller, a MBA500 is fixed to the motor's end

  2. When the motor is powered on and rotating, the thrust of the propellers will be measured by the MBA500’s Fz channel, and the back-torque of the motor is measured by the Mz channel, all while maintaining low crosstalk.

  3. This multi-axial sensor, when used with a USB220, allows for a portable setup where a hobbyist/test engineer can use a laptop to analyze the live data of a test both in an outdoor setting or in a more controlled, indoor environment.