Why invest in a Hydraulic Guillotine?

14 Feb.,2023


Do you need guillotine shearing machine solution? Choose us as your partner and we will provide you with a solution that will satisfy you.

Among the various machines available for cutting sheet metal material, hydraulic guillotine shears are considered as one of the more cost effective and efficient options. These machines are especially useful when handling sheet or plate material in a range of thicknesses and a selection of metal types. A popular choice amongst metal fabricators, hydraulic guillotines are relatively compact, extremely durable and offer good operational safety.

Hydraulic guillotines are typically low maintenance and have shear blades manufactured from high alloy material which are capable of being turned or re-sharpened to ensure a high quality cutting edge over a long working life. In addition to blade turns or re-grinds, servicing these machines includes periodic changing of the hydraulic oil and calibration of the back gauge system to ensure continuous cutting accuracy.

This shearing accuracy and clean cut edge is one of the key reasons metal fabricators select a hydraulic guillotine shear. In addition the this, these machines can also be fitted with digital stroke counters, powered blade gap adjustment and programmable NC controls. The use of NC controls enables accurate cutting via precision back gauge settings, with some controllers such as the Cybelec CybTouch 6, having the additional facility to store complete cutting lists including length and quantity.

Many metal fabricators choose to further increase the ease of use of these versatile machines by adding other productivity options such as pneumatic rear sheet supports for cutting thin material, longer front squaring arms and support arms, and angle gauges for easy shearing of material out of square.

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