What should I look for in a welding table?

07 Jan.,2023


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The 1st Question You Need to ask yourself is "Why do you need a welding table"?

  • Short answer, you don't, however... working on the ground isn't convenient, and over time certainly isn't doing your health any favors. You'll be fast on your way to developing some sort of major chronic back, knee and hip injuries working on the floor. (nevadainventors.org)

What Makes a Good Welding Table?
  • Comfort and sturdiness are the must-have qualities of a good welding table. Beyond these characteristics, the type of welding table that's best for you can depend on your shop space, project and budget.[6] (tws.edu)

What should I look for in a welding table?
  • Always read reviews and research the products. Does it actually stand up to the heat? Many cheaper models, such as all the chinese welding tables in the market, don't lock into place properly, which is neither safe nor sturdy. What extra features does it come with and are they any good?


  • Height is another thing. Working long periods on a bench that's just a bit too short or too tall is not only not safe, but it also won't do wonders for your back. Adjustable, variable-height benches are great, but again, check to see what people say about their ability to lock to a height securely. (nevadainventors.org)


So now you know what you need, but now what?

  • Look, choosing a welding table can be a bit of a challenge when you are just starting out or if you are a seasoned welder who has those chronic issues of our body wearing, you'll see all of the options that we offer and get confused. I am here to tell you that there is no reason for any confusion. Simply call a Welding Table expert at (704)703-9400 or send us an email at Sales@WeldingTablesAndFixtures.com
  • There is really no reason to go at this alone. The very reason we are here is to help you get the welding table that will best suit your needs and will help you get to welding faster than ever before.