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12 Aug.,2022


What is the role of filling machine? The types and functions of filling machine, and points for introduction.

This article presents the types, functions and points for introduction of filling machine as well as the types of the filling machine that TAM can offer.

The groceries and daily products we use in our daily life are packed and sold in the market in various types of containers and packages. In many commercial products, filling machines are used for packing into containers or bags.

Filling machines are adopted in many production sites as they can fill and pack precisely and efficiently in given amount of the products.

What is the filling machine ?

Filling machine is to fill the product into bag, pouch or container such as bin or bottle. Most of the merchandise are measured in prescribed quantity, then packed in a bag or container after the production process, then sold in the market. There are various types of filling machine to correspond to liquid, paste, powder, or granular materials.

In the process from manufacturing to shipment of the products out of factory, packaging is one of the processes which are in some cases done manually by human power, but filling machine as packaging with measuring function are used in many production sites. Depending on the machine type, there is integrated system capable to operate fill, pack and case automatically in one combination.

Merits of installing filling machine

There are the following merits using filling machine.

Improvement of efficiency

Filling machine has type of semi-automatic filling machine that partly needs human-power operation, and automatic filling machine that is capable to cover the processes of filling and then packing, cardboard casing by integrated other packaging machines. Reducing the manual job and save the time for packaging would lead to efficiency of productivity.

Filling by automatic machine makes the job easier.

If you fill by human-power, the quantity may be lack of uniformity or the products flying loss could be occurred depending on your skill and experience. Utilizing filling machine makes the package in a prescrived quantity, stable quality and efficient operation possible

Products for filling

The types of the filling machine differ from what you fill in. For example, if you want to fill liquid products, proper liquid filling machine should be used. Let's see what kind of products each type of filling machine can be used for.

For liquid filling machine

Foods: Juice, dressing, Pudding, Jelly
Chemical products: Sanitizer, liquid fertilizer

Foods: Jam, Honey, Curry, Mayonnaise, etc
Cosmetics: Cosmetic cream, etc

Foods: Cereal flowers such as flour, starch, mixed seasoning, instant coffee, etc.
Chemical products: washing powder, toner powder for printer, etc.
Medical products: barium, antibiotic, etc.

Major filling products for granular filling machine

Foods: rice, chocolate-chip, granular seasoning, etc.
Chemical products: deodorant beads, etc.
Medical products: barium, antibiotic, etc

TAM Filling machine ranges

TAM designs and manufactures filling machinery for powder and granule products for such products as flour, coffee, seasoning mix, or toner powder, etc. TAM powder filling machine is the auger type filling machine. Auger filling machine has the method that powder or granular materials are pushed down by the rotation of auger screw and filled a given quantity into a bag or container.

Tam powder product lineup is as follows:

Auger powder filling machine Model PFN

Model PFN is Auger type- powder filling machine that can be integrate with V.F.F.S machine.
The top cover of the feeding hopper can be easily installed or displaced without using special tool.

Filling range: 5~20kg
Filling speed: Max 200dosing/min
Machine footprint: L 710 × W 1165 × H 1332 mm
Machine weight: Approx. 270㎏

PFN can equip degas filling in order to increase density and to reduce powder drop while the auger is stopped.

The degas filling increases the density and reduces powder dust that flies in the air by using a degassing filter. The degassing filter only removes (degasses) the air trapped in the powder that is being conveyed in the auger screw. As a result, this filling machine increases the bulk density of powders.
In result, the degassing function prevents sudden, unanticipated powder drop from the tip of the auger. Therefore, if you use VFFS machine with the degassing filling, you can expect less powder contamination between the seal of the bag.

Auger powder filling machine Model FRT

The FRT powder filling machine is designed explicitly to be used with a short auger for the specific purpose of filling toner and to be used semi-automatic.

Filling range: 5~1500g
Filling speed: MAX 8 dosings/min

Straight Conveyor type Auger Filling System Model PF3

PF3 is the linear transport type Auger Filling System. It is possible to build up a high accuracy filling system by adding a correction filling station after the initial filling. There is variety of optional devices to make your complete production line, such as container feeding, capping machine, labeling machine etc.

Filling range: 5~4500g
Filling speed: MAX 30 dosings/min

Rotary-type Container Filling System Model PF6

Model PF6 is auger filling system provides a capability to fill a container at high speed by combination with a Rotary conveyer. The maximum speed would be 200 fillings per minutes.

Filling range: 5~4500g
Filling speed: MAX 200 dosings/min

Things to be noted for introducing filling machine

If you are considering introducing filling machine, the following points are to be noted for not regretting after installation.

Whether the filling machine fulfill the required function

The required function for filling machine is depending on the production site, such as putting high priority on the filling speed, or the accuracy of the filling contents, etc. It is important to recognize the purpose of introducing filling machine beforehand, and make sure if the manufacturer has the proper model for that purpose.

Whether the installation space can be spared.

In case the large-scaled filling system with V.F.F.S machine and conveyor etc, make sure the enough space for installation can be spared. If the installation space is limited, the configuration of the peripheral equipment could be difficult, thus, the operational working path get worse, and performance of the production could be degraded.

Whether the regular maintenance and technical support will be well responded.

In case of a trouble happens on the filling machine, the productivity would be decreased. Chose the manufacturer who responds well for the regular maintenance and support backup in order to prevent emergency trouble or any failure and recover as quickly as possible.

For improvement of productivity

Filling machine is packaging machinery to fill the product into bag, pouch, or containers such as bin or bottle. The types of filling machine differ depending on the products of liquid, paste, granule and powder. By utilizing filling machine, you can expect improvement in productivity and accurate filling is capable regardless the technique or experience of the operator.

If you consider introduction of filling machine, make sure the required function for the filling machine and consult with manufacturer if they have the model that meets the requirement. Make sure if the good support service is provided, in case of machine trouble after installation that could happen.

TAM offers powder filling system to correspond to the powder nature, to the requested container, and to the working environment. Feel free to ask us.

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