VEVOR Powder Filling Machine 1-100g, Full Automatic Particle Filling Machine 18 cm Film Width, Powder Filler Machine 10-15 bag/min, Powder Weighing Filling Machine for Industries

12 Aug.,2022


Packaging is not easy

For all buyers that think this is a plug and play machine. NO MACHINE IS. if you don have the background knowledge and know how on operating ANY machinery don buy this thinking it going to be a breeze. Every machine runs differently depending on the nature of the product and YES, these VEVOR machines are very reliable and very easy to operate PROVIDED THAT YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING. Remember this: the machine does what you tell it to do NOT what you want. If you need help from an expert contact me gig(followed by my first name) at gmail for a free review and estimate on help. Thanks.