Things to Know About Auger Powder Filling Machine

11 Aug.,2022


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Things to Know About Auger Powder Filling Machine

The role of auger powder filling machine has ensured to fill any kind of powdered products into a variety of containers, such as: stickpacks, sachet, jars, bottles and pillow bags.

Here are few things to know about auger powder filling machine:

  • Usage and functions

    An auger Powder filling machine can automatically complete the measurement, filling, and correction filling error. It has an filling motor which by controlling the number of turns of the auger to control the volume of the packages for different powder products. And, by controlling the speeds of turns of the auger to control the precision for different powder products. The number of turns of the machine is automatically adjust according to the set weight. The speed of rotation can be adjust according to the needs of the customer. This is an intelligent machine, all adjustments is adjuatable from HMI panel according the customer needs.

  • Composition

    The hopper and contact material parts of auger powder filling machine are made of food grade 304 stainless steel.

  • Other features

    The other features include different packaging machines to finish the measurement, filling and other tasks. Packaging the items which are powder. Even powdered granules, powder spices, grinded sugar and other powder beverages can also be packaged by the help of this machine.

Benefits of Auger Powder Filling Machine:

There are various benefits of using this machine which are as follows:

  • It has a very condensed structure, moves very easily and quickly and has fast working speed.
  • Its working has very little friction and is very stable work.
  • The menu of the touch screen is display in English and other languages making it very convenient for the use by people.
  • It has an alarm to warn the user about the various issues and warnings.

An Auger Powder Filling machine is suitable for filling all kinds of powders, like penicillin snow powder and various other kinds of powders. Medicine related to the food, chemical industry powder and scientific research industry powder can also be filled by this machine.