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09 Feb.,2023


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Equipment Solutions for the Frozen Food & Cold Storage Industry

Proper material handling practices are essential when storing and transporting frozen foods and other chilled products. Choosing the right equipment and supplies will ensure that you can keep the products at the appropriate temperature throughout the handling process, while also increasing productivity and efficiency.

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Cherry’s Industrial Equipment is proud to offer high-quality pallet retrievers, freezer spacers, stretch wrappers and related equipment and supplies that are ideally suited for all types of frozen food and cold storage facilities.

Take Advantage of the Cherry’s Industrial Difference:

  • Knowledgeable product specialists available to help you explore all your equipment options.
  • Inventory and prices ideally suited for small-to-medium-sized cold storage operations.
  • No need to store stacks of bulky equipment catalogs in your office or warehouse.

Get the Right Equipment for Your Unique Food Handling Requirements

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the course of more than 30 years in business, it’s that no two frozen food/cold storage operations are exactly alike. Experience tells us that a custom-tailored approach to selling material handling equipment is the best way to ensure that our customers receive products that solve their most pressing problems.

It also reduces the likelihood that customers will need to return a product that fails to address their specific challenges. You can count on Cherry’s Industrial to recommend a targeted equipment solution that will resolve 100% of the problem. We will:

  • Provide the right equipment solutions for your frozen food operation, as we’ve done since 1983.
  • Take the time to get to know every aspect of your material handling process.
  • Resolve your most challenging quality control, efficiency, productivity and sanitation issues.
  • Provide real-world results — not a partial solution.

Cold Storage and Frozen Food Material Handling Equipment

Handling food ingredients and products presents many challenges that are unique to your industry. Whether you're searching for a solution for improving material flow in manufacturing processes or for reducing labor in warehousing, Cherry's Industrial Equipment has you covered. We specialize in offering purpose-built products designed to economically assist workers in daily tasks while providing a safer, more sanitary and productive work environment.

Our cold storage and frozen food material handling equipment include:

  • Plastic Pallets: Our plastic pallets come in lightweight to heavy-duty options and are an ideal solution for replacing wooden pallets in food production or storage facilities. These sturdy units are made from FDA-compliant materials and are easy to clean and maintain to eliminate product contamination while delivering exceptional weight and dimensional consistency. Choose from stackable, rackable, nestable, drum and export-duty plastic pallets in a variety of styles, configurations and capacity levels.
  • Spacer and Pallet Retriever: Handling heavy workloads for cold storage or meat processing plants is time-consuming and work-intensive. Our spacer and pallet retrievers speed up the process of handling pallets in high productivity environments by removing the need for freezer spacers and streamlining the process of combining loads and changing out pallets. Our selection includes PSRs, PSR-VBEDs, and SR2 models including inline systems featuring user friendly controls, durable components and smooth operation. 
  • Pallet Inverters: Cherry Industrial carries the most extensive selection of pallet inverters and exchangers on the market. Units are robustly constructed and can be designed, built and delivered to your specifications. With these units you can be sure you will transfer pallet loads quickly and efficiently, easily remove and replace damaged products from the bottom of stacks, and keep your workers safe. 

Solutions for a Cleaner and More Organized Frozen Food and Cold Storage Industry

Cherry's Industrial Equipment provides a variety of products for cultivating a more professional, organized and cleaner facility. We help address sanitation issues while increasing productivity and reducing jobsite injuries. Our cold storage and frozen food warehousing equipment exceeds OSHA compliance standards and radically reduce the need for workers' compensation claims.

Our selection of cold storage and frozen food manufacturing equipment includes:

  • Stretch Wrappers: Wrapping pallets, cartons and boxes in the food production industry is critical to reducing product damage, stabilizing loads and protecting contents from contamination. Our turntable, overhead and robotic stretch wrappers save time and money by removing the inefficiencies of manual labor. You benefit from better load containment, 200 percent pre-stretch, and auto start and auto cut features.
  • Washing Equipment: Maintaining a sanitary work environment is critical to avoid cross-contamination, product recalls and a range of other food safety concerns. Cherry's provides a selection of pressure washers, pallet washers, pallet dryers and tray space washers for the frozen food and cold storage industry. We offer manual and automated systems to meet your cold storage manufacturing and warehousing equipment requirements.

Save Time and Eliminate Hassles When Purchasing Equipment

While there is no shortage of equipment catalogs out there, many of them contain hundreds of thousands of items. Understandably, most buyers don’t have the time to look through stacks of bloated catalogs, which may or may not have the right product for the job.

At Cherry’s Industrial Equipment, we support our solutions-oriented sales approach with various tools and resources that will streamline and simplify your equipment search.

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No Matter Your Needs, We’re Happy to Assist With:

  • Flexible leasing programs, which offer an attractive alternative to buying.
  • Short- and long-term equipment rentals are also available for your temporary needs.
  • On-site application evaluations to ensure the ideal match between product and process.

We’ve made our compact website easy to navigate so you can find the appropriate equipment quickly and efficiently. We can also modify many of our product offerings for special or unique frozen food material handling applications.


Our Products Can Benefit Your Frozen Food Operation in So Many Ways

The Cherry’s Industrial Equipment product lineup includes advanced freezer spacer and removal equipment that will free up valuable dock space while reducing your dependence on manual labor. We also offer hard-working washing equipment that eases the cumbersome process of cleaning and sanitizing frozen food storage areas and pallets.

Our automated stretch wrapping equipment ensures maximum load stability and saves time when handling products. Also, we feature a line of pallet inverters that simplify loading and unloading, while reducing the risk of worker injuries.

No matter which type of equipment you’re interested in, they all have key benefits in common:

  • Equipment that will increase productivity and efficiency in every aspect of your frozen food handling process.
  • Stay compliant with OSHA regulations and keep your workers on the job.
  • Lower your labor costs and dramatically improve your bottom line.
  • Cut down on spoiled or damaged product that results in costly returns and customer dissatisfaction.

Browse Our Current Frozen Food/Cold Storage Equipment Selection

Please review our current frozen food material handling equipment offerings for manufacturing and warehousing. All products are made by leading manufacturers with a stellar reputation for quality, performance and reliability. Feel free to contact our product specialists if you need to modify a product for a customized application.

Ask about scheduling a convenient product demo so you can see one of our machines in action as part of your evaluation process. Our frozen food and cold storage industry specialists will be happy to answer all your questions and concerns.

Turn to Cherry’s Industrial Equipment for all your material handling equipment needs! Give us a call at 800-350-0011 or submit an online contact form to request a quote.

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