Difference Between Handmade and Automatic Machine Made Dumpling

02 Nov.,2022


Wonton Machine

As is known to all, the producing speed of manual processing dumpling is very slow. In the dumpling processing industry, the handmade dumpling is most common. It includes three steps to complete a dumpling: rolling, wrapping, and forming. This process not only wastes time and labor but also has many shortcomings such as different sizes, high cost, and low efficiency. So dumplings industry is a labor-intensive industry in the traditional dumplings processing industry. The high cost and low yield become the bottleneck of dumplings industry. It is the urgent need of the market and industry to produce the dumpling through machinery.

The automatic dumpling making machine was successful to solve these difficult problems of the industry. Maintaining the characteristics of handmade dumpling, it scales up ten times faster. The producing speed is several dumplings each minute in the past, but now 60 to 180.

With the improvement of machinery automation, the operation and daily maintenance automatic machine are more simple and convenient, reducing the requirement of operating personnel’s professional skill. The quality of automatic dumpling machine is good or bad, directly depending on product components, the precision of engine speed, the stability of the tracker.

we value the safety production technology of dumplings research and application of automatic machine seriously to guarantee the safety and health of dumplings processing. It is the basic standard of the automatic machine to integrate with the international food machinery at present.
Our automatic dumpling making machine is the newest food machinery and equipment. It is popular because of the unique design, fast producing speed and simple operation and widely used in hotels, restaurants, dining hall, kindergarten, and quick-frozen dumpling factory, etc.