Chocolate technology on display

23 Mar.,2023


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Among those exhibiting at the fair next month, will be German manufacturers Sollich and sister company Chocotech who are taking the opportunity to roll out an improved range of confectionery and baking machines.

Sollich supplies the confectionery industry with equipment for use in the making of chocolates, wafers, pralines and biscuits.

On display at the fair will be technology used to make luxury chocolates such as the 820mm belt Decormatic - a machine which decorates the product, creating lines on the surface of the sweets.

Also demonstrated will be the Turbotemper, used to temper chocolate and give it a longer shelf-life. The machine produces a product that is more resistant to heat and more consistent, durable coatings.

Sollich spokesperson, Dagmar Fricke told that the Turbotemper had proved popular with confectioners as it is used to give durability at the all-important, and traditionally very delicate, chocolate tempering stage.

Chocotech will also be taking the opportunity to demonstrate its continuous caramel cooker where caramelisation and water evaporation can occur concurrently and two counter-rotating stirrers are used to ensure the caramel is well emulsified.

Luxury chocolate makers will also be interested in the shell moulding device Frozenshell which creates chocolate coating shells with liquid or fondant fillings.

The fair will run in Munich from 3 - 9 October. Around 1,000 exhibitors from over 45 countries have signed up.

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