Auger Filler Packing Machine Advantage|AUGER Powder Filler

11 Aug.,2022


powder capping machine

Auger’s fillers are equipped with a high-precision auger shaft. The metering can reach a tolerance of ±1%. Our quest for filling accuracy can be illustrated below by our definition and examples of accuracy.
The filling volume of each filling unit of Auger’s filling and packaging machine is controlled by corresponding pulses from the auger shaft driven by a servo motor system. Simultaneously, through the weight data fed by the linked feedback system, the system can automatically adjust the auger shaft’s rotating speed. This feedback system ensures that the accuracy of the filling volume meets the design and remains stable. The hosting server receives the count of pulses. Then it adjusts each filling amount and the internal pressure in the raw material barrel to maintain the stability and high accuracy of the filling output.
The definition of filling accuracy of an auger filler varies, depending on the filling volume and a product’s compound. For example, for the 3-in-1 coffee powder mix, each coffee manufacturer's recipe is different, and the composition ratio of ingredients is different. For the same 50g filling, different recipes and different composition ratios of ingredients will result in different accuracy settings for the filler. Besides, different industries have different requirements for accuracy. Tolerance also depends on the filling amount. The following table provides a general guideline for the powder auger filler's accuracy tolerance for different filling volumes. Please note that the actual accuracy tolerance needs to be based on the customer’s need for machine specifications and product recipes.