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11 Aug.,2022


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Auger Filler | Auger Filling Machine | Auger Filling Equipment

Auger Fillers are the machines of choice for all dry products that have consistency of granule size and powders. In some cases auger filling equipment can be used as a depositor for moist products such as cooked rice and pastes. The biggest advantage of auger filling machinery is that the systems are relatively closed making auger fillers the ideal choice for very fine powders such as talcs, flour, and baking soda which tend to get airborne with other systems.  Auger fillers are also capable of relatively high fill rates compared with net weight fillers and take up less floor space.


Semi-Automatic Auger Filling Machines

All of the semi-automatic auger fillers below can be easily automated by adding conveyors or modified for mounting on form and fill machines. All of the machines include a stirring bar to keep product constantly fed to the fill auger.



APF-50 Semi-Automatic Auger Filler



APF-50 and APF-200 Small Dose Auger Filling Machines

These small dose auger fillers are built to handle the smaller tooling for fills ranging from 1-200 grams. Both machines can fill up to double the filling amounts listed below at somewhat slower rates than specified.


Model # APF-50 APF-200 Fill Range* 1-50 grams 10-200 grams Hopper Size 16 liter 26 liter Power 220 single phase 220 single phase Fill Speeds 20-60 fills/minute 20-60 fill/minute
*Fill Range may require extra tooling

Hopper refilling devices are available including auger transfer and vacuum transfer.

*Fill Range may require extra toolingHopper refilling devices are available including auger transfer and vacuum transfer.

BSL-1 Auger Filler hopper refilling system with 1 CBM hopper






Medium Dose Auger Filling Equipment - Get the right auger filler for your application




AP-3  Series of Medium Dose Auger Fillers

The AP-3 series of auger filling machines features a range of filling capacities ranging from 10 gram to 5000 gram depending on the model of auger filler and tooling selected.  All of this series feature the half open hopper shell for ease of cleaning and maintenance. Fill rates of up to 60 fills/minute are possible with these heavy duty auger filling machines.

Model # AP-3AL AP-3B AP-3L Fill Range 10-500g 10-1000g 100-5000g Hopper Size 26 Liter 50 liter 60L Power 220 220 220 Fill Speeds 15-40/min. 15-40/min. 10-30/min


The BSL-3 and BSL-5 Auger transfer systems will keep your auger filler hopper filled.  The BSL-3 features a 3 cubic meter hopper with 114 mm auger diameter, and the BSL-5 has a 5 cubic meter hopper with 141 mm diameter auger. Vacuum transfer options are available as well to keep your Auger Filler running continuously.