All About Auger Type Powder Filling Machine

12 Aug.,2022


Since the industrial revolution has taken place, many progressive machines have emerged as useful technologies for large and small scale. Industries such as pharmaceutical industries have progressed a lot over the years. Different machines like the auger powder filling machine have been proven beneficial for these industries.

Auger powder fillers are usually used in medicine & drug factories to fill powder in the bottles automatically. Everything you need to know about auger type powder filling machine is mentioned below.

  1. What is an auger powder filling machine?
  2. Mechanism of powder filling machine
  3. The utility of auger powder filling machine
  4. Benefits of Auger powder filler

What is an Auger Powder Filling Machine?

Auger powder filling machine is used to fill up the exact amount of weight of medicinal powder in the bottles, pouches, and vials in the pharmaceutical industry. These auger powder fillers can also be used to weight the bottles that are loaded with the powder.

Mechanism of Powder Filling Machines

The auger powder filling machines work on certain mechanisms and to better understand the mechanism below mentioned points are knowledgeable.

  1. Drive Assembly: Drive assembly is the motor of the auger powder fillers. The transmission and switching mechanism are 2 jargon used for starting & stopping of the motor (for accurate filling).
  2. Hopper: The hopper is a container where the material is packed. Every material is passed on to the tooling from the hopper.
  3. Tooling: The tooling section consists of a system that makes accurate settings and configurations which can suit the requirements. It includes an auger agitator, funnels, and other filling equipment to fine-tune the machine depending on the quality of material and its properties.
  4. Supporting structure: The supporting structure is a structure that supports the entire process of powder filling machines.
  5. Controls: Control is the only major mechanism that can operate the entire powder filler machine.

Above mentioned are the mechanical processes used in auger powder fillers.

Utility of Auger Powder Filling Machine in Industries

The auger powder filling machine can be used in various industries such as

  • Chemical industry

In chemical industries, these filling machines for auger powder are used to fill up the bottles and sachets for various medical companies.

  • Food industry

Food industries use it to reduce food contamination until the product doesn’t come in contact with humans. The food & beverage companies of biscuits, coffee berries, spices, and other dairy products use this powder filler machine.

  • Metal Industry

The metal industry also uses auger powder filling machines to pack aluminium powder. Iron powder and Copper are also packed through this auger filling machines.

  • Cosmetics Industry

The cosmetic industry also requires the need for the filling machine of auger powders. They can use these machines to pack baby powder, cosmetics and other products.

Benefits of Auger Powder Filler

The auger powder has been explained with some of the following points above. Now, let’s take a look at the benefits of the powder filling machine.

  • The auger filler machine is highly efficient.
  • It is dust-free even with tiny particles that easily get blown off. This is because the machine works even when it is closed or when the product is being released into different packages.
  • Auger type powder filling machine can be used to pack both free flow and not so free flow products. But the product has to be stable during the filling of powder.
  • Auger powder filler machine can be integrated with different packaging equipment such as form fill machines for bottles and cans.
  • The machine is made with a configurable logic controller that is used to control it through a touch screen. The touch screen is displayed in English and various other languages.

These are the various features that explain everything you need to know about the auger powder filling machines.

Auger powder filler machines are the machines that are used to fill powder in the bottles and cans automatically. These powder fillers have a rising demand in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, metal, and various other industries.