A Visual Guide to the Importance of Floor Cleaning

07 Nov.,2022


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The design team here at Clean hire have provided a visual guide to the importance of floor cleaning in professional and home environments. Many people take for granted how floor cleaning can impact a business, for example, if your employee has a slip or a trip in your premises this can lead to legal action.

It is extremely important that your business premises have their floors cleaned regularly to adhere to health and safety standards, especially if you are in the food/catering industry.

Within the infographic, we have listed some interesting statistics such as who and how long on average a woman spends in her lifetime cleaning floors. Feel free to share this infographic on your website using the embed code below.

Dirty flooring can lead to bacteria and fungus growth

This can cause a variety of problems for both employees and customers. For example, dirty flooring in an office can lead to respiratory problems for employees due to the dust and dirt that becomes airborne.

Dirty flooring in a restaurant can lead to food poisoning as bacteria will be transferred from the floor onto unclean surfaces and then into the food.

Health and Safety Statistics in the Workplace

As you can see from our infographic below, slips and trips are the most common cause of major injuries at work. With around 90% resulting in broken bones, it’s evident that an accident in the workplace can have serious health and safety implications for employees.

Legal actions following an injury can be extremely damaging to business, especially where the public is involved. Insurance may only cover up 20% of the cost of an accident, with the remaining 80% often falling on the business.

To ensure your employees are safe and to avoid costly legal actions, it is important to have a cleaning schedule in place which includes floor cleaning. By regularly cleaning your floors you can help reduce the risk of accidents happening in the workplace.

Cleaning Floors is Part of Human Nature

According to our research, 80% of women consider clean floors a top priority for the home, while only 66% of men feel the same way. Most women between ages of 25 and 44 vacuum every 2.25 days or more.

While men between ages of 18 and 24 vacuum every 0.75 days or less, only 56% of young men in this age group report they even own a vacuum cleaner!

A woman spends an average of 12900 hours cleaning floors in her lifetime, while a man spends an average of 9000 hours cleaning floors in his lifetime.

From these statistics, it is clear that floor cleaning is something that both genders take seriously and consider an important task.

What Not To Use To Clean Floors


Vinegar is a popular choice for cleaning floors, as it is inexpensive and can be used to clean a variety of surfaces. However, vinegar should not be used on wood floors, as it can damage the finish.


If you don’t get the stain out, it will only spread. The salt in your carpet cloth may worsen the problem and cause discolouration.

Wax and Oil

Wax and oil can build up on your floor surface, which will cause it to become slippery. This is dangerous for everyone who walks on the floor you have just waxed or polished. It can also assist to minimise the amount of moisture absorbed.

White Wine

It is a total myth that white wine removes red wine stains. In fact, if you apply white wine to a red wine stain it will make the problem worse.

To Conclude

The infographic we’ve shared is a helpful guide on the importance of floor cleaning and what not to use. It’s crucial that you maintain your floors in order to avoid health and safety hazards such as slipping, tripping, or falling down. If you’re looking for professional equipment like industrial vacuum cleaners, scrubbers, and more contact Cleanhire today!

We will help you find out which type of products work best for different types of floors while providing quality service at competitive prices.

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