20 Types of Cleaning Services You Can Offer

07 Nov.,2022


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How to Increase Profits on Cleaning Services Offered

You can offer all the above cleaning services as a standalone service. That means customers can call you on an as-needed basis for one service at a time.

However, if you want to increase your profit margins, you’ll want to bundle cleaning services together or offer different service level packages for your clients to choose from.

Try these unique cleaning business ideas to increase your profits:

1. Bundle your services

This is where you combine multiple services into a single package and charge one price that is often more affordable than customers purchasing each service separately.

Here’s how service bundling is good for customers and for your business:

“Our house washing package is our most requested and most profitable service. This is a full soft wash of siding, windows, and gutters. Homeowners like this package because it takes care of all services with one detailed visit. And from a profitability perspective, it’s much better.”

—Dave Moerman, Revive Washing

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2. Offer different service tiers

Many businesses typically offer three different packages, with each offering incrementally more value than the next. This is known as good, better, best pricing.

For example, a window cleaning package may include an entry-level package for $120 (outside window clean), a standard or popular package for $150 (inside and outside clean) and a premium package for $189 (outside, inside, tracks, sills, and even curtain rails).

The key here is to pay careful attention to your pricing strategy. You want your price increments to actually reflect changes in value and stop clients from choosing the cheapest package.

Suppose you price it in a way where your popular package seems only marginally more expensive than the starter package but offers way more value. In that case, odds are your clients will go for that over the starter package, and you will make more money.

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