Shrink Wrapping Machine Cost

17 Feb.,2022

How much does a shrink wrap machine cost? A common question asked by customers who see our products and videos online.


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How much does a shrink wrap machine cost? A common question asked by customers who see our products and videos online. To answer that question, we like to point out the basics of shrink wrap packaging. To professionally package items in shrink wrap, users need three things: shrink film, a sealer, and a heating element. The film is made from a variety of materials. The two most common types of film for packaging are PVC and polyolefin. A sealer is used to seal the open ends of the film once the product is inserted. Sealers come in a wide selection of prices, sizes, and production levels. A heating source is used to heat the film after the open ends have been sealed. The heat from the heating element is what shrinks the film to conform to the wrapped product.

When our sales staff is speaking with customers, they begin by asking a few questions to help determine what type of shrink machine and film the customer may need. Once a couple of basic questions can be addressed, the different options available can be presented.

Let's start with a few questions to help determine the type of machine needed.


What are your production levels or projected production levels?

Many customers are new to shrink wrapping and do not realize that knowing production levels are essential to help determine what type of machine is needed. Some customers have established businesses that are moving to shrink wrap packaging for established product lines. Most of the time, those customers are familiar with production levels. Other customers are starting a new business or producing a new product line and do not know the number of products they will be wrapping because they do not have any sales. An accurately forecasted production level will assist in determining the proper machine to recommend. Efficiency and size are the two primary factors that determine a shrink machine costs.


What are the dimensions of the largest item to be wrapped?

As mentioned above, size is a significant factor in the overall cost of a shrink wrap machine. Knowing the dimensions of the largest item to be wrapped will ensure the ability to find a device that will encase all products. A machine that will seal and cover the largest object to be packaged will also wrap smaller ones.


What form of shrink wrap do you intend using?

The three primary forms of shrink wrap commonly used in packaging are tubing, bags, and centerfold. Determining the best kind of shrink wrap is essential when deciding on a shrink wrap machine. Different machines assist with sealing various types of shrink wrap. If you are not sure what form of shrink wrap you are interested in, call us, and we will be happy to assist you.

By addressing the three questions above, we can now help determine the best shrink wrap machine options for your application. We hope to give readers an idea of how much shrink wrapping machines cost. We are a Shrink Wrapping Machine supplier. Please feel free to contact us if you need them!