How to choose correct SMD LED for your Circuit Board? — Steemit

16 Nov.,2022


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What is SMD LED?

SMD stands for Surface Mount Device, SMD LED are of package type of LED produced using Surface Mount Technology to mount LED chip on Printed circuit board.


There are many types of SMD LED depending on the size, current required and luminous intensity. For example 2835HV,3528,3020,3014,4014,5730,5050,3030 etc. SMD LED can be in a package or in LED Strip.

So do you thinking which LED is perfect for you?Which LED is Brighter and which one needs low current? So here is the table for your clear view.

From here clearly you can see the different types of LED with different luminosity, current, and wattage rating.

Features of SMD LED

Higher Brightness

Though the power consumptions are same but SMD LED produces a brighter light than COB(Chip On Board), MCOB(Multiple Chip On Board) or High power LED.

Low Price

SMD LEDs are produced in high scale and comparatively low price that COB, MCOB and High Power LEDs

Better Heat Management

SMD LEDs produce low heat while producing higher bright light that COB, MCOB, and High Power LED because SMDs required lower current and lower voltage. SMDs are also mounted on Heatsink to reduce further heat, if produced.

As SMD LED produce low heat so light decay is negligibly small and also the lifetime of SMD are higher so cost-effective.

Variety of Application

SMDs are in all place right now. From your home to industry, from your car to your mobile phone, everywhere. In LEd Bulb, Circuit board, Automobile industry and all other sectors where light is needed, SMD LEDs are used. SMDs are important because in LED industry because it has the ability to put 3 Diode in that compact chip. So that mixing of these three light can produce your required color.