Make A Statement With A Classic Bib Apron

28 Feb.,2023


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A classic bib apron originally started off in the culinary industry as an extra level of protection against spills and splashes that occur in the kitchen. But now, this classic piece of your restaurant uniform can give you the chance to show off your style and make a personal statement about who you are both in-and-out of the kitchen. Chefwear’s Classic Bib Apron is made of 100% cotton twill and comes in the traditional black and white colors as well as 16 other patterns. Whether you are looking to stick with tradition or make a statement with your cooking apron, we have what you are looking for.

Our traditional colors are perfect for any kitchen environment and pair well with chef pants and chef jackets of all colors. Generously cut, these kitchen aprons provide maximum protection in the kitchen and keep your chef jacket and chef pants clean and crisp. Pair your black, white or black chalk stripe Classic Bib Apron with traditional styles and colors such as the Traditional Pant in black and a chef jacket from our Four-Star line in black or white. Also available in navy chalkstripe, chantal houndstooth, pink houndstooth, and black on black stripe.

For those foodie lovers out there!! Chefwear carries a variety of patterns in our Classic Bib Chef Apron that features your favorite food items and those cooking utensils that symbolize what you love most. These chef aprons show off a little personal style and gives your chef uniform a little extra color and flair. Choose a pair of Baggy Chef Pants in one of 38 color and pattern options and a Five-Star Windsor Jacket to make the apron pop. Also available in: hot tomatoes, berries and mix it up.

For those exuberant personalities out there, Chefwear offers different patterns in its Classic Bib Apron that really make a loud personal statement. Check out our Black Chile Peppers, Carnival and Flying Pig amongst many others. These vibrant patterns work for your restaurant and at-home kitchens to bring in a few laughs and start even more conversations. Pair one of these patterns with one of our 47 choices in Ultimate Pants and a vibrant color from the Three-Star Plastic Button Chef Jackets.

Chefwear also features its Classic Bib Apron in its Eco-Friendly Line. Made of 100% Organic Cotton, the Organic Bib Chef Apron comes in earthy tones that are sure to compliment any chef uniform. The use of solid colors gives you the chance to amp up your uniform and make a statement both for your personality and the environment. Pair these aprons with a Five-Star Traditional Organic Jacket and a pair of Cargo Chef Pants in one of our 20 pattern choices. Also available in stone.

The Classic Bib Apron is available in 18 different colors and patterns. Chefwear offers everything from a solid color to a loud pattern choice. The Classic Bib Apron promises to provide you with the level of protection you need in the kitchen but now, we give you the chance to make a statement with this traditional apron.

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