Eat Your Books

28 Feb.,2023


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A few years ago, we asked EYB Members if they wore aprons while cooking, and many responded with a resounding yes. The latest sartorial suggestion from Epicurious might not get as many people replying in the same way, however. Wilder Davis recently posited that wearing a jumpsuit in the kitchen is even better than wearing an apron.

Davis suggests that most kitchen apparel, from clogs to aprons, is unfashionable at best and garish at worst. He compares wearing an apron to looking like “a barista on the lam” and opines that “the jumpsuit best toes the line between utilitarian kitchen attire and acceptable streetwear.” I am not sure why he feels that what he’s wearing in the kitchen needs to be stylish instead of practical, but even if it does, there are plenty of adorable aprons available. They might not be runway ready, but aprons are among the nicest things I wear when cooking. My kitchen apparel ranges from a) pajamas to b) yoga pants and a t-shirt, to c) whatever I was wearing at the office, with c) being the only thing is marginally fashionable.

While a jumpsuit does provide more protection for your clothing, I am not convinced about the practicality of wearing one in the kitchen. For starters, the trendy jumpsuits that are linked at the end of the article are not designed to be worn over other clothing. Is one supposed to change completely out of one’s outfit to cook, then back again afterward? That hardly seems feasible. I barely remember to throw on an apron even though they are conveniently hanging in my pantry, much less completely change my clothes.

If I opted for a more utilitarian coverall – like the kind my grandfather wore when he went out to tend to the cattle or work on the tractor – I would hardly describe the resulting look as “stylish”. Frumpy doesn’t even begin to depict how bad I look in a set of coveralls, and I have firsthand experience wearing them so this is not mere conjecture.

While this article may be well-intentioned, the title does seem straight out of Mansplaining 101: “Actually, A Jumpsuit Is the Best Thing…” I would rather look like a barista on the lam than a crumpled paper sack with legs and arms, which is the most charitable description of me wearing a jumpsuit. And I’ll deal with an occasional grease stain if it means I don’t have to completely change my outfit. (Pro tip: automotive brake cleaner will remove eventhe worst grease stain, but you’ll probably have to wash twice to get rid of the odor.) Now I’ll ask you – are you likely to wear a jumpsuit while cooking?

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