Determining the Value of China Plates?

15 Sep.,2022


china plate wholesale

the pattern is called Muzetta's Waltz. I saw a single plate on Etsy for over $15.

It is made by famous WS George Radisson line. It was made around 1910 to 1940. Here is a link that will tell you more


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December 10, 2017


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This type of china is pretty common and many people think it is valuable because it states "22K gold".

  • This china has been produced for years and markings vary from "plain" (like yours) to markings with different styles of "crests".
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  • The true value of this china is very low but some sellers advertise it as "fine/exquisite china" and sometimes sell for higher prices.
  • This is not the china made by the WS George Radisson line but is just what it states "Royal China".
  • eBay and Etsy have several similar pieces listed but the asking prices range from $10 to over a hundred dollars.
  • The china with the gold crest markings on the back seem to command more money.
  • Here are some examples of similar pieces.
  • I have not had any success in finding exactly where this china was made or what years it was produced.
  • Here is some information about value but most of this is several years old. However, I do not believe the true value has changed very much.
  • www.myantiquefurniturecollection.../i-have-a-royal-22kt-gold-dinnerware...


If you are interested in selling your pieces, i would suggest you list it on eBay or Etsy (Craigslist may be better) and place whatever price suits you as you can always reduce the price if no one bids.


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