What are the Applications of UVC LED Antivirus in Daily Life?

24 Mar.,2021

‚ÄčAs a UVC LED Handheld Sterilizer Supplier, share it with you.


As a Shop now, share it with you.

UVC LED ultraviolet anti-virus products are gradually recognized by the market for their excellent performance, and are widely used in water treatment, air purification, surface purification and other fields.

 UVC LED Handheld Sterilizer

 UVC LED Handheld Sterilizer

Water treatment

With the improvement of people's living standards and increasing awareness of health, drinking clean and healthy water has become the most basic need in life. Directly integrate the UVC LED ultraviolet disinfection equipment into the faucet or water dispenser to achieve true terminal sterilization and avoid secondary pollution inside the pipeline or water purifier.

Air purification

There are countless bacteria and harmful microorganisms hidden in the air. Against highly infectious viruses, air purification is our first line of defense. UVC LED ultraviolet sterilization can be carried on most equipment that requires fresh and fresh air, such as air purifiers, refrigerators, etc.

Surface purification

Under the influence of the epidemic, people pay special attention to the cleaning and disinfection of frequently contacted objects in life. Masks, clothing and other objects that directly contact the skin need to undergo a series of disinfection and sterilization treatments. UVC LED ultraviolet disinfection equipment can effectively remove organic residues on various surfaces.

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