Have an Exquisite Afternoon tea to Fill Your Love of Life

12 Mar.,2021

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Everyone has an exquisite side, the fragrance in the bathroom, the flowers in the corner, the meticulous dressing before going out, and the afternoon tea that is full of ritual feelings during a break. What are the essential elements for an exquisite and authentic afternoon tea?

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Atmosphere is king

The authentic afternoon tea drinking time is around four in the afternoon. Both men and women need to be dressed in formal wear, tuxedos are required for men, and dresses and top hats for women, while family-style afternoon tea parties usually require the hostess to serve the guests in person To show respect.

When drinking tea, drink it smoothly; when tasting snacks, taste slowly; talk softly; speak and behave gracefully. Even if many British people are alone, they still have to enjoy a full set of afternoon tea, which is like a stubborn romance, and they don't perfuse themselves in any way.

Although the afternoon tea etiquette has been simplified a lot, it is more comfortable and relaxed to enjoy at home, but it is also essential to create a little atmosphere and play a little bit of fun.

Refreshments should be beautiful

The food paired with English afternoon tea is generally divided into three layers, from bottom to top, the bottom is salty and the top is sweet. Usually sandwiches are eaten first, and desserts, such as cakes and muffins, are eaten last.

Drink different teas and match different desserts. Typical English black tea is usually paired with sandwiches; drinking Earl Grey tea is often paired with chocolate soft cakes.

Although afternoon tea is always ordered, in fact, you can drink tea at any time during the whole process. It should be noted that you should sip your tea in small sips instead of bottoming out.

Exquisite tableware

A complete set of afternoon tea tea set consists of teapot, cup, teaspoon, sugar bowl, milk cup, three-layer dessert plate, seven-inch individual dessert plate, tea knife, fork for cake, bowl for tea dregs, fruit It is composed of various utensils such as a plate, a lemon cutter, a napkin, a heat preservation cover, and a wooden tray.

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