Nose or throat swabs? Advice from doctors so you don't waste that COVID-19 testing kit

11 Aug.,2022


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"Throat swabs are not very effective and there are molecules that sometimes interfere with the test and make it invalid," Fichtenbaum said. "Just the nose."

The self-administered COVID-19 antigen tests are designed to collect viral proteins. There are saliva tests, but the most common COVID-19 rapid, home tests are nasal swabs. Instructions provided with the tests specify how to use them.

Another common question is when to administer a home COVID-19 test. Fichtenbaum says it is best to wait at least a couple of days after the onset of symptoms. 

Fichentbaum explained: "The rapid tests appear to be most effective on those who are sick, two to four days into symptoms." If you're not feeling sick, the test's sensitivity is reduced.

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