changing a broken letterbox

09 Mar.,2023


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Something we will probably come up against in the future, if we haven’t already is to replace a broken letterbox on your front door . There are a few reasons why your letterbox may become damaged or broken over time, and for one a postman in a bit of a rush with a combination of a poor quality letterbox is right up there on the list, along with a dog being a little to keen to please their owner by bringing them their mail, or maybe a little to keen to see off the intruder!

So if your letterbox has slipped of it hinges or has gone a funny colour over time we are going to give you some guidance in sourcing a fitting a replacement. First we must remove the old letterbox from your external door, and remember to take great care! As we will need to put it back in again... We are just going to take all the measurement we need in order to order the correct replacement.

So after you have carefully removed the screws fixing your letterbox to your front door or gently prised it out then we are ready to take some measurements. So firstly take the width and height of the hole in your entrance door (not the actual letterbox) and then finally you will need the depth of the door itself. OK that’s the hard bit done, and now in reverse order you will need to carefully fit the letterbox back into place.

OK so here is the fun bit, your are going to find a nice new letterbox for your new front door . Take a look here where they have a great range. Also taking into accounts that you need to make sure that the measurements you've taken will fall into the measurements given with the letterbox. You will probably see in the description that the letterbox depth will range from 30mm to 60mm meaning if your door door depth is anywhere between it will be suitable. This is also relevant for the height and width. So now with your new letterbox, your ready to get it fitted and this is fairly straight forward, as besides you've already done it twice! Enjoy.

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