Our Favorite Christmas Gnome Decorating Ideas

18 Nov.,2022


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We're ready to deck the halls in the hottest holiday decor trends, and we've noticed a surprising number of gnome decorations hiding among the holiday lights and ornaments. According to Google Trends, searches for "Christmas gnomes" have significantly increased over the past few years. Of course, people have been decorating with gnomes for a long time—you've probably seen a few hiding out in neighbors' gardens—but there's actually a reason we're seeing more of them at Christmastime.

Although the exact definition has changed quite a bit over the years, gnomes are said to be nature spirits who live underground, often interacting with humans in either helpful or mischievous ways. However, in Scandinavia, gnomes (known as nisse in Norway or tomte Sweden) are associated with the Christmas season. Much like the American Santa Claus, the julenisse—basically Kris Kringle in gnome form—visits the homes of good children on Christmas Eve. The children leave a bowl of porridge for the gnome, and in return, the julenisse brings presents to their front door.

Gnomes have resurged as the perfect addition to farmhouse holiday decor. Dozens of home brands have turned the small figures into adorable holiday decor, and there are hundreds of festive gnomes to choose from. Display them on your holiday mantel, hang handmade gnome ornaments on your tree, or deck out your kitchen with gnome-shaped cookware. Check out a few of our favorite ways to decorate with Christmas gnome decor, below.