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18 Nov.,2022


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Which gnome Christmas decor is best?

Many avid home decorator have an elf in their Christmas collection, but this year, something a bit more eccentric has graced the market with its presence. Pointed hats and fuzzy beards are abundant as Christmas gnomes fill the shelves of holiday decor as ornaments, statues and other miscellaneous objects. While gnomes have always been a part of the holiday season, their trending popularity has risen in recent years.

The pair of gnome figurines in the Edldecco Christmas Gnome Set of 2 is an excellent addition to anyone’s collection of Christmas décor. The two gnomes are bundled up in knitted sweaters and have an internal LED light to make their beards glow with Christmas spirit.    

What to know before you buy gnome Christmas decor

The folklore behind gnomes goes beyond what you might know from Dungeons and Dragons, and they aren’t only a seasonal fad, either. The reality is that this mythical spirit can be found year-round as a staple element of holiday home design. The popularity of gnome Christmas decor continues to grow as they are embellished on stockings, fine china and other holiday accents.


The appearance of holiday gnomes may be understandably bizarre to those unacquainted with Scandinavian folklore, but thankfully, there is an easy explanation for it all. In Scandinavian culture, gnome-like creatures called “nisses” or “tomtes” emerge during the holiday season. These humanoids are short with big beards and knit caps and mirror the actions of Santa Claus by going door to door with gifts.

Seasonal gnomes

All gnomes are not Christmas gnomes. The beloved Christmas gnomes emerge in the winter and fall months and are distinguished by tall hats that fall over their eyes, fluffy beards and bulbous noses. Other variations of the small human-like creatures with less holiday spirit are harder to find around this time, but they are not entirely elusive.

Outdoor vs. indoor

In the wintertime, Christmas gnomes are just as, if not more, popular than traditional garden gnomes. With this in mind, always be sure that the gnome being purchased is meant for indoor or outdoor conditions. An outdoor gnome should be safe to use in either location, although if it’s made of a heavier material, like concrete, it may damage less durable flooring. Indoor gnomes, however, are not meant to withstand the destructive forces of nature. Keep your gnome safe by placing it within the manufacturer’s recommendations. 

What to look for in quality gnome Christmas decor

A quality Christmas gnome is obligated to be festive in appearance. It should be self-standing for decorative purposes, and if especially exemplary, it may have additional features.


When explicitly searching for Christmas gnome décor, it should be a given that the product is clearly holiday oriented. Considering this reasoning, the gnome decor should be designed like traditional wintertime gnomes. This includes the hat, oversized coat and red nose. 


The self-standing requirement mostly pertains to Christmas gnome figurines. However, any product should be able to be displayed as advertised. Dangling gnome ornaments should balance evenly when hung from the branches of a Christmas tree, gnome salt and pepper shakers should easily pour seasonings onto holiday dishes, and gnome statues should be able to stand without being propped against other decorations.


The most memorable holiday decorations are the ones with an extra flair of festivity. Gnomes are already a whimsical icon of Christmas culture, but why limit the holiday cheer? With the many options of gnome Christmas decor at hand, it is easy to find something that is either useful or a functional form of entertainment. Whether it lights up, makes noise or is just an eye catching ornament, quality gnome Christmas decorations will only bring more joy to the holiday season.

How much you can expect to spend on gnome Christmas decor

Expect to spend around $25 for most gnome Christmas decor items. Handcrafted items cost more, but pricing will vary, depending on the size and work put into it.

Gnome Christmas decor FAQ

What is the difference between a Christmas elf and a Christmas gnome?

A. Although they may seem similar as humanlike creatures of small stature, gnomes and elves are very different. Gnomes come from a different culture than Christmas elves, being a renamed version of the “nisses” and “tomtes” from Scandinavian folklore. According to traditional stories, gnomes were ancestral spirits and they handed out gifts on Christmas. Elves were not spirits and did not hand out gifts.

Why are gnomes popular as home decorations?

A. While gnomes were once believed to bring luck, they are now more commonly used as an aesthetic choice. The festivity associated with gnome Christmas decorations encourages people to display them in celebration of the season.

What’s the best gnome Christmas decor to buy?

Top gnome Christmas decoration

Edldecco Christmas Gnome Set of 2

What you need to know: This two-piece, 18-inch gnome figurine is set with LED lights to make them glow.

What you’ll love: These classic Christmas gnomes have bendable hats, knitted sweaters and fiber faux beards. Inside each gnome is an LED light that is controlled by an auto timer that can be shut on and off. The auto timer makes the figurine glow for six hours at a time.

What you should consider: The item uses three AAA batteries which are not included. The gnomes may not be as large as expected, since the 18-inch description includes the length of their pointed hats when standing straight up.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top gnome Christmas decoration for the money

Baodlon Gnome Christmas Oranaments 4 Pack

What you need to know: This four-pack set of light-up gnome ornaments is perfect for any Christmas tree.

What you’ll love: The gnomes in this set are made with natural felt and fiber fur. A red string at the tip of their hats allows them to be hung on a tree, but they can also be stood up as a display on any table or flat surface. A switch at their base allows their LED lights to be turned on and off.

What you should consider: They do not have a timer, so the lights need to be manually operated.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

The Holiday Aisle 2 Piece Erik Gnome Shelf Sitter Plush Décor and Bottle Topper Set

What you need to know: This two-piece gnome Christmas decor set includes both an 18-inch figurine gnome and a twin bottle topper.

What you’ll love: The gnome has a knitted hat, beige beard and can perch on any shelf or table. The bottle topper has the same hat and beard and can be fit over standard-size wine bottles to add Christmas charm to any room.

What you should consider: The gnome and bottle topper are not meant to be submerged in water and can only be cleaned gently with a damp cloth.

Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair


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