How to Eat During Camping?

09 Mar.,2021

‚ÄčAs a Camping Table Manufacturer, share with you.


As a Freeze dried foods, share with you.

1. Charcoal grilled food

Roots of plants, fish, birds, freshwater mussels and many other foods can be roasted directly on charcoal fire. Before roasting, it can be coated with a layer of clay or a layer of leaves. This method will never burn the food. With this method, there is no need to pluck the hair, remove the internal organs, or scrape the scales of the fish. After the food is fully cooked, just peel off the mud that is wrapped outside, and the hair and scales can be removed.

Portable Folding Tables

Portable Folding Tables

2. Grilled food in earthen pit

First dig a 30-40 cm deep pit in the mud. Put meat pieces, bird eggs, roots and shellfish at the bottom of the pit, and put green plant leaves, grass or a cloth that can keep food clean in the pit. Then cover the small pit with a layer of 2 cm thick sand or soil, and set the fire on it. But do not burn the meat in a pile of leaves, as this will produce a smoky taste.

3. Roast food on a campfire

Put small pieces of wild beasts, small fishes, birds, and plant rhizomes on wet sticks or twigs and roast them directly on the campfire.

4. Hot stone steamed food

This is the ancient "clam steaming method" with good results. The method is to put the food with shells directly on the hot stones or in the middle of the stones to bake (some meat should be wrapped in leaves or grass), and then cover with a layer of sand or soil. After the food is cooked, clams, oysters, etc. will open their mouths as soon as the soil is opened, ready to be eaten.

5. Crock pot cooking

Use soil to make a earthen crock for cooking food, line it with a layer of foil, then put clean water and the food to be cooked in it, and then add hot stones until the water boils. Cover with large green leaves for at least 1 hour until the food is fully cooked.

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