How to Choose a Sofa?

06 Mar.,2021

As an OEM Modern Fabric Sofa Manufacturer, share with you.


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As the C position in the living room, the value of the sofa should never be ignored. When buying, pay special attention to the size and style. The best one is suitable for your own home.

Choose size according to space ratio

If the size of the sofa is too large, it may be overwhelming, and it also squeezes the activity space; if it is too small, it will easily give people a feeling of small family.

Generally speaking, the size of the sofa is more appropriate to occupy a quarter of the living room area, which not only reserves enough space for activities, but also plays a good visual balance.

Modern Fabric Sofa

Modern Fabric Sofa

Choose a style according to your home style

Choose cloth sofa or leather sofa? Many people will struggle.

From the perspective of style, fabric sofas are more casual, suitable for the Nordic and Japanese styles full of natural atmosphere, and the choices of colors and materials are also more diversified.

If you advocate simplicity, you can choose plain colors such as beige and gray, which are more clean and elegant;

If you yearn for light luxury and elegance, then velvet fabrics and technical fabrics are more suitable for you. You can also choose more vivid and fashionable dark green, blue, orange brown in color.

The leather sofa is more noble and luxurious, suitable for modern, American, French, European and other styles.

It is calm and majestic, with an innate and luxurious temperament, so it is also an indispensable item for villas.

Choosing the right sofa, the quality of the home is full.

With the changes in apartment types and the needs of modern people, the choice and matching of good sofas becomes more and more important.

Whether it is an exquisite small apartment or a luxurious medium and large apartment, you can change the temperament of your home through the sofa.

It can be matched with light items such as single chairs, lazy sofas, cushions, etc., to make the living room space practical and add more flexibility.

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