Have you had a cold shoulder since you are not parking in the cupcakes brought to the office? Did you get angry about getting up early and leaving while you are on vacation? Or, saying “No” to other drink tours, “Did it ruin for anyone?”
Yes. We were there.

It may be difficult to keep healthy habits, so if your commitment is satisfied with the jab and both eyes it will not help. And while we all know the brave return, it is by no means a good idea to negatively react to negative. Not only does this bring you and your opponents, it can also lead to anger and harmful relationships. And he will definitely kill the atmosphere with a branch.

It is important to remember that most of these trials are the result of mistakenly announced but highly conscious people or those who are disappointed that they are unsafe in their health decisions.

First, consider whether there are points. All healthy lifestyles need balance. However, assuming your choice is reasonable, we hold the weapon gently. In this sense, there are several productive ways to avoid undesirable aerial attacks.

First Thanksgiving dinner
How to deal with people aggravating your health
Situation: Even though your family recognizes your healthy lifestyle, they still want to promote food:
“Just eat, it will not kill you!”
“They can afford to have something.”
“But I only did it for you!

What you are saying, “You did it just for me, really, I do not know me as I thought”

Instead, do it – it is difficult to respect you when you are dealing with your family. But says Sherry Pagot, a psychologist and associate professor at the University of Massachusetts. “Your aunt (or other elderly family), belonging to another generation, meaning cooking for them, expressing your love for people,” says Pagoto . “There is no point in trying to change her way of thinking.”

The fastest way to end this interaction is to eat what you originally planned with a smile. If anyone insists that you end the game, apologize for being too tired of asking if you can let him go home. Later, you can do what you want with food. (Read: Chuck it.)

2. Grill
How to deal with people aggravating your health
Situation: You are the only non-caricature animal at a friend’s annual party. He thinks you can taste a vegetarian burger, but other guests do not pay much attention.
“I feel bad for you – how can I live without bacon?”
“Is not the artificial meat disgusted?”
“How do I obtain protein if I do not eat meat?”

What is she saying? “If you do not ask me about your protein, I will not ask you about your cholesterol level.

To do this, Coco and Dietician Erica Giovinazzo maintains animal protein diet, but she understands the complaints of her vegetarian customer. Your advice: Do not forget to make your own decisions. “Pressure may come from someone telling us what to do and sometimes forgets that we are responsible for our lives,” she says. “As soon as you remember, you can respond more appropriately to situations that question these decisions.

According to Giovinazzo, this trick says to keep it in a positive state than defense. Try it: “My vegetable burger is amazing! It will be amazing how tasteful it is! It may or may not like them, but they are too confident I do not need to keep talking with someone.

3. Home Visit
How to deal with people aggravating your health
Situation: When you look at your family, it means that you can play immediately and fairly for annoying comments on everything from love life to career choice. But today, your hot topic is your body:
“You must always train – you have lost a lot of weight!”
“You are very thin, how much is your weight?”
“Someone seems to eat cheeseburger!”

Is she saying you are somewhere in “fraud” and “take care of your business”? ”

Instead, people often judge others’ health habits when feeling threatened. “Criticism is really the expression of jealousy,” Pagot said. Please do not dispel the situation and dispel the situation. “Thank you for protecting my health, there is no need to worry.” My doctor said that my weight is healthy and I often eat. Exercise habits. ”

Giovinazzo also leaves your eyes and speaks enthusiastically that your custom helped you in other ways: “Since I started exercising regularly, I will push up now Do you think that you can do?

4. Dinner
How to deal with people aggravating your health
Situation: Spreads are rich in butter, fried foods, and carbohydrates. Food is synonymous with a large amount of hangover. You help what you can do, but when others see your plate, they shout:
Why are you eating?
“Do you dislike this food?”

What she says “I do not want to taste the taste of my system.” Kaythanks. ”

Instead, do it: “You do not need to explain to others what you are doing or not in your mouth,” Lindsay Joe says You decide We are not forced to justify. Joe simply “It’s enough for me, thank you for preparing everything!

Another tactic recommended by Tina Gowin, R. D. Is to divert a conversation with a smile. Try it: “I am just up and down with this vast expanse Hey, how are you doing?” Your host will discuss and carefully divert attention from the diet. No matter what you say, Joe and Gowin point out that the key is polite.

5. Lunch in the office
How to deal with people aggravating your health
Situation: Everyone wants a fast food chain they can not bear. You are uncomfortable and do not want to keep the order, but colleagues give you a sweet corner box:
“Well, you may get unhealthy all day!
“If you share the dessert, you can share calories!”

What you are trying to say, “Hey, you can make a bad decision, for example, look at this haircut.

Instead, do not hesitate to give things that you truly do not want, but remember to work with these people for 5 days a week. Joe is simple “Thank you for offering me, I have finished lunch!”

One of Gowin ‘s answers is “I will go to a lovely dinner later and have plenty for a juicy steak!” Gowin is working as long as the white lie is too complicated to win. Please do not cause problems later (that is gluten – free, do not say that you eat Pita). To avoid future embarrassing moments, she also suggests to create a game plan. “Please put the menu in the restaurant you and your staff manage and introduce the best options,” she says. “So you can understand whatever you can get.”

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