These 18 Best Leather Gloves Have Got You Covered

11 Aug.,2022


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From functional to fashionable and everything in between, there are loads of leather glove options to choose from, depending on color, style, and the vibe you’re going for. And, since leather gloves can be more of an investment piece (and one that should last you for seasons to come), finding the best pair can feel a tad daunting—that’s where we come in. We went on a major shopping deep dive to source the best leather gloves, including the most budget-friendly options and the best colors, materials, and linings.

No matter the occasion, there’s nothing more classy than a leather glove. The ultimate fall and winter accessory , a leather glove can transform your look with an elevated twist. From sleek city slicker to preppy equestrian to old Hollywood glamor, gloves boast an entire spectrum of style and we can’t stop swooning over the statement-making trend. “A glove is not just for warmth—it is and always will be a statement,” says expert Jeni Elizabeth . “Dating back to early glam Hollywood, gloves are worn as an accessory to an evening dinner, shopping, as well as just driving,” she adds, noting that leather gloves specifically have “so many functions” and are a great conversation starter.

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For a dressier look, a long glove is always a good idea. And, there’s something about a long leather glove that makes us swoon. These Half Long Elbow Gloves from Ines come in a selection of fun colors—including more traditional black and brown, as well as cherry red—and can be worn at full length or scrunched up for some added flair.

If you’re going to go for a fur-trimmed leather glove, we say the furrier the better. These gloves from Overland feature some major fluff, making them a great cold-weather staple. On top of that, they’re available in a range of color pairings, including black on black, white and blush, and a fun black and indigo combination.

Driver gloves aren’t exactly the warmest winter option but they are still so cute so we wanted to add them to our list. We chose these from Seymoure for a few reasons. One, they have that classic driver silhouette but are still simple in style. Two, they come in classic colors like brown, black, and white. And, three, they are washable—yes, we said washable. These are perfect for anyone concerned about keeping their gloves clean.

Sliding into a pair of leather gloves can be a struggle. And, while we appreciate a good elastic band, when going for a more slender style, you need a little extra help getting them on. That’s where the zipper feature comes in. We love these AllSaints Zip Leather Gloves because they’re so easy to get on and off and are designed in a timeless slender style.

Quilted accessories are some of our favorite ways to add a touch of charm to our wardrobe. So, of course, we wanted to include our top choice for the best quilted leather gloves. These from AQUA made our cut for their fun quilting pattern on the top panel and touchscreen compatibility since taking our gloves off to send a text or scroll is the last thing we want to do in the winter.

For a vintage-inspired glove, we wanted something more unisex that felt reminiscent of the '90s—and we found our perfect pair. These Scottish cashmere-lined gloves are made with the softest (and most durable) North American deerskin leather and feature a natural texture. The brand claims they offer “everyday grace,” and we couldn’t agree more.

If you’re looking for a glove with more texture, we love a good pony hair set. These leather gloves from Portolano feature calf hair upper paneling with cashmere lining and a comfortable elastic cuff. One reason we loved these so much is that, despite the different materials, they are one solid color, making them discreet enough for everyday wear.

For our favorite suede accessories, we always turn to UGG. So, it should come as no surprise that the brand has the best pair of suede and shearling gloves. Available in black and gray, these ultra-cozy winter gloves are a must for anyone looking for a more textured and soft glove. In addition to being ultra-chic, these suede gloves pair perfectly with UGG’s trendy sheepskin bucket hat .

Finding the perfect green glove to protect your fingers from the frost is a lot more challenging than we thought. We scoured the internet and felt like we struck gold when we found these olive touchscreen gloves by Marcus Adler. They feature a classic silhouette with stunning stitching that flatters the hands. And, if green isn’t your thing, you can still snag them in black, cognac, or a gorgeous burgundy hue.

You want your leather gloves to be buttery soft—and these are ultra-buttery. These made our list for the best black leather gloves because they have somewhat of a vintage feel (so they’ll stay in style for years to come), and the smocking at the wrist keeps everything snug and warm.

What if your gloves doubled as a purse? That’s basically what you get with these ultra-chic and unique leather gloves from Prada. We swoon over the classic Nappa leather style but, perhaps what we love more is the fact that we can always have our lip balm on hand—literally—to prevent a chapped winter pout. In addition to its to-die-for mini pouch, the leather gloves also have a cashmere lining to keep your mitts cozy all season long.

We have no idea how they make touchscreen-friendly leather gloves but we are glad they exist. If you’re looking for a great everyday pair that will go with virtually anything, plus keep your paws warm, our top choice is this pair from Theory. Designed with Nappa leather, the classic leather glove style is sophisticated, comfortable, warm, and functional (especially in the sense that you don’t have to remove them to swipe through social media).

Gloves are all about accessorizing but, if you’re wearing them in the fall or winter, you want them to be warm, too. To ensure maximum warmth (and comfortability), you can’t go wrong with a pair of cashmere-lined leather gloves. These from Nordstrom come highly recommended with over 4 stars from 166 customers. And, they made our list for their simple and timeless design, touchscreen capabilities, cozy cashmere lining, and two color options.

Spice things up with a little pattern—and nothing says winter print quite like the iconic Burberry plaid. These leather gloves feature a mix of materials, including plaid wool, leather, and cashmere on the inside to keep your hands warm. We chose these as our top pick because signature check print is technically a pattern, but it also has a neutral feel, so these will go with virtually anything. We also love the mix of brown and black, giving them even more versatility when it comes to styling.

When shopping for the best weatherproof leather gloves, it’s safest to stick with a style made from vegan leather. We love this pair from the Banana Republic because, in addition to being weatherproof and made from vegan leather, it has great texture with the front shell panel made from a faux suede material and bottom panel made from slick faux leather material. Despite being made from synthetic materials, the leather gloves have an overall luxe feel, too.

When it comes to leather winter accessories, Coach is hard to beat—and the brand’s glove selection is no exception. We love these designer leather gloves for their chic vintage-inspired design, 100 percent leather shell, and cushy merino wool lining, which will not only shield your mitts from the winter frost but keep them warm. On top of that, they are tech-friendly as you can use any standard touchscreen without having to take them off.

Finding a good pair of real leather gloves at an affordable price point can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible. These black gloves feature a 100 percent leather shell with polyester lining and elastic cuffs making them as comfortable as they are budget-friendly.

When on the prowl for the best leather gloves overall, we put a lot of things into consideration. What it came down to was finding a pair that was affordable, high-quality, available in a range of colors, touchscreen-friendly, and (of course) warm. We landed on this find that has earned an overall 4.4 stars from over 2,000 customers. With a range of colors to choose from—including classic brown and black, as well as fun colors like blue and red—more exact sizing, and high-quality material, these gloves are the perfect addition to any winter wardrobe. Not to mention the price point is shockingly low given the fact that these are 100 percent genuine leather.

What to Look for When Shopping for Leather Gloves


When shopping for a pair of leather gloves, Elizabeth says to keep color top of mind as it is “such an awesome statement with gloves.” She adds that for everyday use “you might want to go darker” or more neutral but encourages some fun and flair, too. “For me, black gloves are a bit boring,” she explains.  


Leather can be a bit on the stiff side and, because of that, Elizabeth recommends buying “a soft leather [glove] that is comfortable but also thin enough to be able to use your fingers.” 


Another thing to keep in mind is the length. Sure, you want your glove to fit well but the fit isn’t just about the fingertips and palms. “I always want to make sure I have a couple of inches in length up the wrist,” Elizabeth explains. “Nothing is worse than a gap that can’t be covered between the jacket and the end of the glove.”


  • How do you clean leather gloves?

    “There are two important things to remember when cleaning leather gloves,” says Elizabeth. “The first is everything [should be] gentle—from the amount of water to the brand and amount of soap,” she explains. “I always use a soft small rag or even a cotton ball and a small amount of organic soap,” Elizabeth says it is vital that you avoid ruining the color or stripping the glove, especially when spot cleaning. “If you're just spot-cleaning, just a dab of [water and soap] depending on how dirty the glove is will do the trick,” she explains, adding that “less is always more” when cleaning gloves. “If you need more of a deep clean, white vinegar is sometimes stronger than soap and more water is needed [for this method]. However, never completely soak the glove and always let them air dry, making sure to put them on a couple of times through the drying process.” 

  • How do you break in leather gloves?

    Leather is always better with a little bit of wear, so breaking in leather gloves is key. “Rubbing alcohol is a great way to soften all leathers,” says Elizabeth. “You can use a cotton ball or soft cloth to cover the glove entirely [in the alcohol],” she adds, noting that it’s important to “put the glove on a couple of times as it is drying and bend your wrist and fingers around to work in the leather.” If you try this trick, Elizabeth says to always air dry and never “put your leather gloves in the dryer or the sun.” Another trick is to “boil the gloves,” says Elizabeth, warning that it can, however, be a "scary” method. “Again, make sure to pay dry with a towel and stretch out with your hands [while wet],” she adds.

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