The 15 best winter gloves for every cold-weather activity, from skiing to snow shoveling

12 Aug.,2022


When the temperatures drop and the chill gets into your bones, it's time to slip on some winter gloves. Like with other cold-weather essentials, you need to consider what you'll be using them for. Fine leather driving gloves won't cut it snowboarding and thick ski gloves probably aren't the best for driving. We've included some all-purpose gloves and purpose-designed selections. If you're looking for mittens, see our guide here. 

At the very least, winter gloves should have some sort of water resistance and a modicum of insulation. From there, you'll find styles that offer a wide range of water and windproofing and insulating materials, like PrimaLoft and Thinsulate (the same synthetic fibers found in many winter coats). There are even gloves with built-in battery-powered heaters. 

Some selections in this roundup also offer touchscreen compatibility and while they all work to varying degrees, the Moshi Digits gets the best reviews in this area. Even so, you're never going to have the same level of touchability as your bare fingers, so you might want to save your Tweeting for indoors this winter. 

Many of the selections have unisex sizing. Some come in gendered sizing but can be worn by any gender identity. 

Here are the best winter gloves in 2021: