How should leather gloves fit

11 Aug.,2022


It can be quite exciting when your quality leather gloves arrive to your doorstep and you open the elegantly packed pair, unveiling your beautiful purchase and the smell of new leather. The feel of these gloves on the wheel, the warmth they offer in the cold winter days, as well as the snug but comfortable fit, all seem to say that there’s something classic about top quality leather gloves.

But how do you know if your leather gloves really fit? Before we get any further and deeper into details, it would be wise to learn why leather gloves are the perfect choice as your winter gloves.

Contrary to what most people think, that soft, fuzzy materials like fleece are more likely to keep you warm, that is not always the choice. So here are a few reasons for choosing leather gloves in the winter:

  • Leather gloves provide a great grip, which is perfect for driving during the winter
  • Leather gloves look really classy and sophisticated
  • Even in cold weather, leather gloves keep wind away from your hands
  • Leather gloves can be lined with almost any type of material, for extra warmth and insulation
  • Leather gloves are very durable, they can last for almost a lifetime, if properly cared for

Now, to fitting your leather gloves; you first have to know your size.

Men’s glove sizes range between 7.5 – 9.5 and women’s range between 6.5 – 8. In order to know your size, just measure the circumference of your dominant hand with a measure tape, at the widest part (excluding your thumb). Your hand should be in a semi-closed position.  If you do not have a measure tape you can use a string which you then measure with a ruler. The result will show you the size of the glove fit for you:


21 cm is size 7.5 (7.5 inches)

22 cm is size 8 (8 inches)

23 cm is size 8.5 (8.5 inches)

24 cm is size 9 (9 inches)

26 cm is size 9.5 (9.5 inches)


17 cm is size 6.5 (6.5 inches)

19 cm is size 7 (7 inches)

21 cm is size 7.5 (7.5 inches)

22 cm is size 8 (8 inches)

If you can’t decide between two sizes, remember that your gloves should fit snug but not constricting, and should cover the end of your fingertips without much extra room, the same as a jacket fits your body. You should not have too much room around your fingers, but just enough to be able to clench your fist comfortably.

If it feels a little tight at first, there is nothing to worry about, as leather will stretch a little over time, shaping itself after your hand for a perfect fit.

Before you invest in your next pair of quality leather gloves, you should decide whether leather gloves suite your style. If the answer to that question is yes, then there is a wide range of leather gloves to choose from in this category and if you take proper care of them, you will soon find out that your investment was not in vain and it will pay off in time.

Here are some tips for keeping your leather gloves fit for a long time, with proper care:

  • First, you should know how to put them on and take them off properly. You do not want to tug too hard, as it puts unnecessary strain on the seams, when putting them on. When you take the off, start with pulling the fingers one by one, to gently loosen them
  • Avoid direct contact with dust and natural sunlight to keep the original colour, texture, and beauty of the quality leather
  • Keep it away from any alcohol or oil-based substances such as cosmetics, perfumes, or disinfectants, using Talcum powder to remove grease stains if necessary.
  • Refrain from rubbing the leather on coloured surfaces to avoid any possible transfer and to make sure your gloves stay their best shape, colour, and feel.
  • Keep your gloves on a flat surface, gently laid in the box they were initially packed in, to assure longest possible wear and best condition over time.

In order to keep your hands warm and comfortable, it is very important to know that your gloves fit well. If you choose them for wearing during the winter, make sure to follow all the advice above and you can count on quality leather gloves for many winters to come!