RO System Maintenance

14 Oct.,2022


8040 ro membrane

RO System Maintenance

A water service preventative maintenance plan is an economical and trouble free way to ensure that your water treatment system is operating at peak performance.

Puretec Industrial Water offers preventative maintenance agreements to ensure that your Reverse Osmosis and pre/post treatment systems are functioning at peak performance. An experienced engineer can work with you to develop a customized preventative maintenance schedule that is designed specifically for your water treatment system.

Our trained service technicians specialize in the operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of high purity water treatment systems and will make sure that your water system is proactively being monitored and maintained. Reports on your system performance along with any suggested action items will be provided to you after each service visit.

Preventative Maintenance options include:

  • Pretreatment System includes multi-media filters, carbon filters, microfiltration units, degasifiers, RO pre-filters, softeners, chemical feed pump calibration, chemical tank replenishment (such as anti-scalant, chlorine/chloramine reducers, and coagulants for depth filters), and chemical feed pump calibration.
  • Reverses Osmosis System includes data collection and analysis, cleaning and calibrating critical sensors, and RO membrane cleaning as needed based on normalized data trends.
  • Post Treatment includes deionizers, storage tanks, ultraviolet (UV) sterilizers, submicron point of use filters, calibration of quality instrumentation and periodic system sanitizations.