Do you Know the First Stage of the Development of Artificial Snowfall Machines?

02 Mar.,2021

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The snow machine forms ice on the evaporator at 0°C and transports it to the ski trail through the cooled air. A new snowmaking system affected by atmospheric temperature. Artificial snow making machines are affected by the climate. The snow making temperature of the snow making machines must reach below zero, and a certain amount of water can be used to make snow. Snowmaking must be optimistic about the weather and the dry humidity of the air. Snowmaking requires a 380V power supply. The water temperature of the snowmaking machine cannot exceed 5 degrees and the temperature is below 0 degrees. Don't make snow against the wind.

Snow Maker Machine

Snow Maker Machine

The first stage

The artificial snowmaking system starting from the artificial snowfall machine is affected by the shortcomings of the outside air temperature below -3℃ and the humidity above 60%. In 1990, the world's first snowmaking system was developed that can make snow at above zero temperature, which is not affected by the climate. Affected artificial snow machine. The new concept of artificial snowmaking system has brought a generation of new industrial revolution to the ski resort industry.

The artificial snowmaking machine is a new snowmaking system that forms ice on an evaporator at -25°C and delivers the cooled air to the piste, which is not affected by atmospheric temperature. Usually, the snowmaking of artificial snowfall machines is affected by the temperature, and snow is made at night. Therefore, large-scale water storage equipment that can provide water sources is required, which causes unnecessary expenses. The artificial snow making machine is not affected by the weather, as long as it can maintain a certain amount of water, it can make snow, without water storage equipment, and no additional costs. Advantages of artificial snow making machine:

① The snowmaking conditions are not affected by the weather. (The snowfall machine can only be used when the outside temperature is below -3℃ and the humidity is above 60%)

② The snow created is very dry. (Compared with ordinary snow, it can last for a long time)

③ The conveying distance is long. (Able to reach more than 100M)

④ Low investment cost. (No water storage equipment required)

⑤ Low maintenance cost. (Using circulating water, does not need a large amount of water source)

Utilizing the advantages of snow making machines, ski resorts can determine specific business days, plans, business plans, resource allocation, personnel allocation, and other planned operations.

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