Low Frequency Power Transformers

12 Nov.,2022


Low Frequency Transformer

Electric and magnetic fields are our description of how fixed or moving charges exert forces on other electric charges. We describe these fields by lines of flux, or simply lines. We use the idea of field lines to describe how the influence of our fixed or moving charges is distributed in the surrounding space. Electric field lines start and stop on charged particles, or objects that contain charges. Magnetic field lines do not start or stop. They are all closed curves, and they encircle the path of the moving charges which give rise to them. They tend to concentrate in nearby objects which have certain atomic properties that make them receptive to the presence of these fields. The extent to which magnetic fields tend to concentrate in these materials (ferromagnetic materials) over free space or nonferromagnetic materials is called permeability. For electric fields the dielectric constant indicates in a corresponding manner the preference of an electric field for one kind of material over another.


  • Core Area

  • Magnetic Field Line

  • Magnetic Component

  • Core Loss

  • Stray Capacitance

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