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16 Feb.,2023


Do you need encapsulated transformer solution? Choose us as your partner and we will provide you with a solution that will satisfy you.

Transformer maintenance process

At a domestic, industrial, business level, in hospitals, shopping centers, transformers are an essential part of almost any field. These have within them a dynamic process, as well as a variety of organic materials, liquids that function as insulators and more. All these can present wear due to humidity, oxidation, among many other factors, hence […]

arrangement of transformers

Fixing a transformer is more cost effective than replacing it, of course, as long as the repair process is carried out by our professional CDA engineers. Because we guarantee that the repair is of quality and its operation is not compromised. Before the repair process, a […]

control transformers

Control transformers have become essential devices or machinery in industrial processes, thanks to the fact that they help in the energy transformation process. For this reason, at CDA Ingenieros del Perú we also include them among our products. Control transformers are essentially devices whose main objective is to reduce […]

Thermovacuum Treatment

Oil transformers need care to prevent breakdowns that may compromise the useful life of the device. In general, maintenance is aimed at preserving the dielectric conditions of the oil. And there are many factors that can reduce the quality of the oil, which will lead to the ability of […]

Oil Regeneration and Thermovacuum

With a transformer oil regeneration and thermovacuum service, at CDA Ingenieros del Perú we seek to return the oil to the physical and chemical properties that guarantee good insulation for transformers. With an adequate oil regeneration process, it is possible to considerably extend the useful life of the transformers, in addition […]

Transformer oil analysis

The transformers can be dry or in oil, the latter are the most used and have the particularity that they require constant maintenance processes in regards to oil, since this liquid can lose its insulating properties. When performing transformer oil analysis, […]

Transformer manufacturers your best option

Transformer manufacturers have been part of the industry around the world for many decades, however, in each country some companies have positioned themselves above others due to the quality of the devices made. For example, in Peru, if you are looking for a reference regarding transformer manufacturing companies, CDA […]

Transformer in oil a product with CDA quality

At CDA Ingenieros del Perú we build any type of transformer, including the oil transformer of course. These differ from the rest because for their cooling process they use various types of liquids, among which oil stands out. In addition, these devices have a variety of features, they can […]

Pad-Mounted Transformer

Pedestal-type transformers are one of the most versatile among all the products marketed by CDA Ingenieros del Perú. This is because they can be used both indoors and outdoors and are designed to withstand adverse conditions and be outdoors for a long time. What is a pad-mounted transformer? This type […]

Single Phase Dry Transformer Only Quality Products!

Transformers are devices designed to vary the voltage of a circuit, either increasing or decreasing it, the objective is to ensure that the current maintains the same power. According to its operation and application, transformers can be classified into a variety of types, among these are single-phase dry transformers, this type is part of the […]

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