Complete Guide to LED Neon Signs | Brite Lite Blog

15 Mar.,2023


The company has a group of cooperation teams engaged in the Vertical Bending LED Neon Flex industry for many years, with dedication, innovation spirit and service awareness, and has established a sound quality control and management system to ensure product quality.

You’ve seen some of our custom LED signs and you like the look of them, but you still have questions like “how durable are they?”, “How long will they last?” and “Are they good for the environment?” This article will answer all your questions in this complete guide to LED neon signs.

For starters, LED neon signs are a modern alternative to traditional neon signs. You may ask why we need an alternative to traditional neon--doesn’t regular neon work just fine? We’ll explain more below, but the answer is that LED neon is safer, cheaper, more efficient, brighter, longer lasting, and more affordable.

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