1. It helps to sleep like a baby (or puppy).

A good night’s sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your health. Snooze helps restore your body and repair damage, restore your energy and cleanse your mind. Sometimes, however, sleep is not easy, often the night you need most. Exercise is like an all natural natural ambient (it does not move strange sleep). A meta-analysis examining dozens of different sleep studies showed that those who regularly practiced had insomnia and sleep quality declining. For people with insomnia, everyday exercise can greatly reduce sleepless nights.

2. It makes you look young as well as looking young.
Thanks to this sweat and the rest runners, the person who trains often looks younger than a friend, and the current study shows that athletes are at a younger cellular level than their peers. Telomere is a cap of DNA end, it becomes short with age from birth. Until recently, we thought that we could hardly change it, but in a new study, we found that endurance athletes have longer telomere than their peers. Moderate exercise can increase telomere up to 10%. So, you can feel completely free of innocence about your age!

He squeezes you.
Hey, he (or her)! You do not need a scientist who tells me that training will produce muscle and coordination. If you need to lift a 50 pound cat sleeping bag on the bottom shelf of the grocery store or on the 2 foot snow from the alley, thank you for all the sweat sessions that give it. How the wind looks. (It is part of a daily hero).

4. It blows bad fat and promotes good fat. (Yes, I have good fat!)
In our Great Depression society, spongy material is Public Enemy # 1. But fat is not a problem at all. Brown fat is a metabolic blessing and female hip and femoral fat also have potential hormonal effects. However, the type of visceral fat you absolutely undesirable is the type of abdomen wrapped around the internal organs, causing a lot of damage. Exercise for rescue! Although perspiration can usually reduce fat, abdominal fat tends to exercise in particular, and last year’s study showed that high intensity interval training burns the fastest belly fat.

Benefits of exercise and healthy eating: set a good example for your loved one
5. This will be a good example for your loved one.
We do not want to crawl you, but people are watching you. Whether it is your friend, your parents, your brothers, your partner (or a sweet neighbor next door), your friends and family see what you are doing and note it. And your practice encourages others to do the same. We will periodically reflect the people around us to our actions and actions. So please give examples and encourage others to do the same whenever you go to the gym. And when you become a cardio, there is nothing more fun than Conga Line, right?

6. It makes you smarter.
It’s way too bad for a silly bodybuilder who will help build a stereotype and build a brain cell. Meta-analyzing the effects of physical activity on the brain shows that health improves memory, increases cognition, speeds learning, increases brain volume, and makes it a better reader. In addition, recent studies have shown that exercise prevents cognitive decline as a disease such as Alzheimer’s disease as aging.

7. It manages chronic pain.
If you live with chronic pain, sleeping is difficult. However, moderate exercise programs for chronic pain and chronic pain have shown that short-term and long-term improvements, even if the underlying disease persists. In short, exercise can not solve all your problems, but it helps better manage your problem.

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