Top 5 Features and Benefits of a Stone Coated Steel Roof

04 Mar.,2023


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Check out the advantages of stone coated steel roofing! If you have been weighing the benefits of traditional roofing systems vs. Decra stone coated steel, you will see that stone coated steel is superior in every category. Here are our top 5 features and benefits of stone coated steel.



-At only 1.5 pounds per square foot, Decra Roofing Systems are light enough to install over most existing roofs. Eliminate the cost and inconvenience of a messy tear-off!

-Ease the structural burden on your home. Alternative roofing products can weigh as much as 10 pounds per square foot.


2-High Performance Interlocking Design

-Stone coated steel resists driving rain and snow, as well as high wind pressures.

-Horizontal fastening, avoids the “pull out” problem associated with wind uplift and blow off of some roofing materials.

-Individual panels interlock completely, systems have successfully tested  against wind pressures over 120 MPH, and 8.8 inches of rain per hour.


3-Aluminum-Zinc Coated Steel Base

-Will not curl, cup, warp, split or break.

-Fire resistant, will not support fire, non-combustible.

-Performance does not diminish with age. Decra Roofing Systems continue to offer superior performance year after year.

-Does not absorb moisture.


4-Distinctive Appearance

-Stone chip coating provides natural weathering and sound deadening qualities.

-Resists fading.

-Performance of steel without the “commercial” painted look.

-Available in elegant tile and rustic shake profile.


5-50 Year Warranty

-Includes 120 MPH wind resistance and hail penetration.

-Non-prorated for the first 20 years!

-Fully transferable, at no cost to homeowner and backed by multi billion dollar international corporation that has been in business over 100 years.

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