Tips on Designing Your Bathroom Vanity

18 Feb.,2023


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The bathroom is a small, private area in your house. It may have limited space but that should not stop you from adding a creative touch to it. Harbour View Kitchen & Bath is here to provide tips on how to give your bathroom a timeless appeal with a vanity.

TIP: Come Up With a Layout

First things first – we all know that bathrooms have space restrictions. That is why you have to decide beforehand how big the bathroom vanity will be and if it will actually fit on your bathroom. Some homeowners add bathroom vanity spaces that are separated by a pass-through while others prefer horizontal vanities with one section of cabinetry. No matter what layout you go for, make sure that the addition of a vanity will maximize the space and not just leave you feeling cramped.

TIP: Decide How Many Sinks You Will Add

Bathroom cabinets, such as vanities, can have a sink installed. Some may consider having double sinks but it still depends on the total size of your bathroom. The sink can be installed on the left or right sides or in the middle. The other sections can be used as standard drawers or cabinet doors.

TIP: Select Your Preferred Style

This is another important factor in having a bathroom vanity. In here, we do not only select the color but also choose the style of vanity we’re eyeing for. While a traditional option is a built-in cabinet, you can also opt for a free-standing vanity, which is not attached to any walls. A floating vanity is another great alternative. It is usually mounted to the wall and features an open space below.

TIP: Choose the Right Countertop

If you simply want to add décor to your bathroom, then installing a wall-mounted countertop may be the option for you. There are different types of materials that can work best as a countertop at your bathroom. Quartz and granite countertops are the most popular options because of their durability.

When it comes to cabinetry, trust Harbour View Kitchen & Bath. Our goal is to provide your property with cabinets that will last a lifetime. Count on us to help you find the right set of cabinets that will fit your needs and other personal preferences.

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