Stratagrid 350 Geogrid - 12' x 225' Roll

27 Feb.,2023


The company has a group of cooperation teams engaged in the Geogrid Mesh industry for many years, with dedication, innovation spirit and service awareness, and has established a sound quality control and management system to ensure product quality.

STRATAGRID 350 is a uni-axial knitted geogrid reinforcement for soil, manufactured with high molecular weight/high tenacity polyester yarns utilizing a complex knitting process and polymer coating to provide superior engineering properties. The yarns are knitted into a dimensionally stable, uniform network of apertures providing significant tensile capacity.

This polyester geogrid is engineered to be both mechanically and chemically durable, in both the harsh construction installation phase and aggressive soil environments (pH range from 3-9).

12' x 225' Roll.

NOTE: This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and replaced by the updated version, SGU80. The original Stratagrid 350 is no longer available.

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