Portable Folding Container House

04 Feb.,2023


The company has a group of cooperation teams engaged in the Stainless Steel Composite Plate industry for many years, with dedication, innovation spirit and service awareness, and has established a sound quality control and management system to ensure product quality.

The foldable container house means that all the main components of the container (side walls, end walls, box top, etc.) can be simply folded or disassembled, and they can be easily reassembled when they are used again.

folding container house can be quickly installed in 4 minutes and is the best solution for disaster reconstruction and construction site housing.

Folding container houses are cheap, easy to install, fireproof, waterproof, and soundproof, and are widely used in construction site offices, dormitories, resettlement houses, hospitals, camps, etc.

It can help low-income people develop happily with modular fast-packing houses,also very convenience for people who wants to get a home/office with least time.

Foldable Container Materials Detail

Foldable Standard Container House






15-20 YEARS

Surface Treatment

Electrostatic Spraying


Galvanized light steel


Hot galvanized steel structure


18mm Fiber cement board

15mm MGO fireproof board/15mm plywood board

PVC floor leather


Sandwich panel

50mm/75mm/100mm/150mmthickness eps/rock wool/glass wool/pu

Wall decoration(optional)

Metal carved board/integrated wall panel/ cement fiber board/color steel sheet


Galvanized steel plate



Thickness of sandwich panel


Ceiling tile

3mm thickness


Aluminum alloy sliding window/plastic steel window



Steel security door / Fire-proof door / Sandwich panel door




Resistant temperature

-40℃ to 50℃

Wind resistance


Earthquake resistance

Grade 8


5 -6 sets for one 20ft;10-12 sets for one 40ft.

Four Steps to Build a Foldable Container House

The production and assembly of all the components of the folding container house are prefabricated at the factory. You can install the Folding House on the job site in just four steps.

1. Use the crane to live its roof. Lift its roof slowly until the house is unfolded and stop the crane there.

2. Expand the front and back walls of the container. Push the front and back from inside, and make it stand in the correct place.

3. Use the bolts to fix the whole structure. There will be premade bolt holes on the columns, and we will provide enough bolts for you to fix them.

4. Install the door lock. To prevent the door lock from damaging the ceiling during the folding process, we will not install the door lock in advance.

If you need to move the house to another place and need to fold it, please remember to take down the door lock in advance also.

Folding Container House Advantages

Compared with other prefab buildings, the price is cheaper and the construction time is the shortest.

The installation can be completed quickly in 4 minutes with the assistance of a crane, especially for emergency housing projects.

Ready for immediate occupancy without interior renovations.

Soundproofing, thermal insulation, heat insulation, fireproof, waterproof.

Different wall panel colors can be customized.

Transportation: The latest model adopts a new pulley design, which is convenient for loading and unloading and avoids wear and tear.

1*40’HQ container house can load 10-12units, and the transportation cost is reduced by 50%.Please refer below details clarify:

1. Fast construction & Easy Installation.

The whole structure of the folding container house is prefabricated in our factory. The window, door, ceiling, floorboard, and electric parts are all installed in advance. So when this container house is transported to your site, you only need to use a crane to lift the roof slowly, then the structure will unfold, and then you use some high strength bolts to fix the beam so the structure can stand there solidly. The whole installation process of the foldable container will only take you several minutes.

2. Repeat to be used for many times

Container House is designed and can be used thousands of times. So it’s getting more and more popular on the construction site. After you finish the project in this place, you can fold the house in several minutes and then transport it to a new project site for repeat uses. The hinge is produced by our own factory, and it’s thicker and stronger than others, guaranteeing the long life span for the whole structure.

3. Waterproof Design for the roof

This container house folding in china is improved with the development of technology upgrades. For the roof, we will create an arch, and the roof sheet is lap joint together, so the rainwater is easy to fall down, will not stay on the roof and it’s will not leak through the joint of the two roof sheets.

For the folding structure, the folding part is an S-shaped connection, so the rainwater will definitely not go inside through the connection joints. All the steel structure is galvanized, which means it has a good performance on the corrosive resistance. You can use it safely even if it is rainy in your local.

4. Short Delivery Time

We can produce ready-made container houses of about 500 units every month. If you need it urgently, we can speed it up to match your time schedule. After the Covid-19 happens, we have delivered many urgent orders for temporary concentration of isolation room, which is very timely and popular used.

5. Flexible Layout

The folding container house can not only for separate space use but also can use different units to combine together for bigger space use. It can also be stacked up for a two-floor building.Also we are able to accept customized design.

You can decide how to use the spaces freely, and we provide you with the space. For example, if you want to build a labor camp with complete functions, our easy install container house can totally meet your needs. It can not only be used as a portable office, temporary accommodation, kitchen & Dining hall, public toilet, shower rooms, but also can be used as the recreation room, meeting room, etc.

6. Eco-friendly Material

The galvanized steel and insulation material we use on the prefab folding container house is eco-friendly, satisfying the industrial standard. And it will not cause construction waste on the site when you install them.

7. Low Cost

When you start to build a residential camp, the construction material is not the only thing that you need to consider. You also need to consider the transportation cost, labor cost, and even the time cost to make a comprehensive project budget.The folding container house is a standard design and highly industrialized, so its production cost is very low.

Besides, each 40’HQ shipping container can load 10-12 units folding container cabins, which can save you a lot in the transportation cost, especially at this time when sea freight is generally high.

Application of Foldable Container:

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